30 min - 2 crs | LIVE STAGE

Yoko is a firestarter. She ignites matches to warm her frozen body. If you imagine the Little Match Girl, just don't. In Idilium nothing happens like in the real life, there is nothing in common even  with the fairy tales. Yoko threatens to set the fire in you.

"Firestarter" in Live Stage – Monday, 22:30 CET

"Firestarter" in Video Hall - Wednesday



60 min - 4 crs | 25 Oct 2016 - full length record | VIDEO HALL

We decided to do this show because of Mikeila's wish. She said that the favorite place in her home, is the bathroom. We asked what happens there and she answered: "Only there I stay alone for longer time... I have some rituals, when I shower... I also love to go wild under the shower, no matter that I often fall... I love my bathroom also for... something else :)"




60 min - 4 crs | 27 Oct 2016 - full length record | VIDEO HALL

Imagine that The Chair is an extremely passive partner who somehow Jasmine has to move and excite. Jasmine and the Chair have an old romance - there is no other model to brake the chair so many times during the show. The fight with the chair is often uneven and many girls have already lost it. It requires imagination and a lot of energy to create an erotic show in which the model has only a chair, but Jasmine definitely has the both. She can also boast with a lot of experience...

 Wednesday, 7th Dec 2016




WAX | Tia

30 min - 2 crs | LIVE STAGE

 Wednesday, 7th Dec 2016





30 min - 2 crs | VIDEO HALL

 Thursday, 8th Dec 2016



61 min - 4 crs | 11 Nov 2016 - full length record | VIDEO HALL

It is dark and rainy outside. Roshana returns home in a melancholy mood after a hard day. She stays alone with her thoughts, nestled in the warm bed...



We have decided to create series of shows about the Heaven.
May be because we have white sets. The white sets are the favourite studio sets of our viewers. They want to see all the details close and clear. No shadows, no grey scales or pixels. Nothing hidden. Clear and simple. So Heaven seems to be a good choice for erotic series. Some people even think the Heaven is a good idea to spend the eternity...

But then we start to discuss what is the Heaven? Something heavily lit with lots of white and obviously with lots of holiness. The holiness and brightness should be the main features of the Heaven. All we know about the Heaven is that this is the place for the souls that have spend their lives following the rules of the Church. And that brought us to the death end because this is a guarantee for a lot of... boredom. Ocean of endless boredom.
Heaven should be the embodiment of our happiest dreams, but at the same time it is symbol of all the restrictions and models that we have to follow. You can not go to heaven if you brake the rules, can you?
The Hell on other side looks much more desirable because it is a dark mixture of all the forbidden instincts and pleasures. There is where all the interesting people should be, because they spent interesting lives. Usually living against the rules and restrictions is interesting and leads to Hell. At least this is the general concept.
Let us ask you a question. What kind of movie do you want to watch? A movie about the holiness of the perfect Heaven or you prefer to see the sinners in the hell having their orgies... Yes we know. In the Hell people suffer and there are no orgies... But still.. the chance for an orgy should be bigger in the Hell than in the Heaven... You can not imagine scene from Caligula with Peter O'tool in the Heaven.
Well, it is obvious - there is something terribly wrong with our ideas about Heaven and Hell. Total mess.

But there should be an ideal place. Somewhere that we can be happy in our way. Something that represents our dreams and ideas for the happiness without the terrible controversies between what we want and what is allowed and what is expected from us.
It should be save from the twisted western ideas for Heaven and Hell.
The ideal place.
There should be an ideal place. And there is.
Lets call it Idilium.

Welcome to Idilium. These are our next show series

White place that is not heaven but is ideal. Everything what we want. Watch, explore, feel, think and enjoy the IDILIUM.

Do you need to die to reach the Idilium? No, this is a state of mind, way of seeing.
It is here. We can connect within. It becomes a real place, when we start thinking the same way. We can explore it. Step by step. We can learn how it works and what is possible there. It will be our playground for some time. May be there we can achieve something that was impossible until know. We were trying to work in too realistic environment and themes. Lets now free our imagination and see what is possible if we approach from different side.
OK. Now we can hear the voices in the room now, asking the main question:

"Will it be harder, hotter, less restricted? Will the models be free to show what they want? And more:
We pay for real erotic, not for kindergarten plays and pretentious art shows. We are real men and want to see the most beautiful part of the woman body without censure."

The answer is YES.
In the IDILIUM it should be possible. And at the same time there should be new spirit of a mutual respect and understanding. In the IDILIUM nobody is forced to spread his or hers legs because somebody has payed a couple of credits and has his own consumer "rights", homegrown expectations and demands.
No, it does not work this way.
All what happens there is because of the good will and the creative spirit. Sometimes the spirit can create something that is unique and can not be repeated the next day. The inspiration comes at the moment. It comes from the mood and energy of the happy and positive people. There is no place for frustrated, always unhappy and negative spirits. There are no strict rules and fixed rutines.
And the most important there are no credits and there are no money that can buy pleasure in the IDILIUM for negative and frustrated spirits, trapped in the desperate need for someone to satisfy their needs and expectations. There is no a la carte guaranteed satisfaction. The IDILIUM that we will create together is something much lighter, sensitive and free and for sure it will be far from the simple consumer-supplier pattern of thinking. The creative process needs freedom and trust. Especially when we try to create an universe even better than The Heaven itself.
Yes it will be better, hotter and happier for those who can tune their minds and sense to the right tone.
We will do our best to play fare and not to ruin the IDILIUM experience.
Again we need support and understanding. It is not the first time we ask for it. And we are sure that again you will give it to us, because no matter how many times we tried and failed and no matter that our failures are generally more than our success, still everyone can see that we work hard and we do not stop trying again and again. And that is why you are with us.

Lets do some IDILIUM...