NEW VIDEO Release | THE RELATIVITY THEORY PARTY | Mikeila, Nickie, Sonja

VIDEO HALL | 121 min - 4 crs | 20 May 2017 - full length record


NEW VIDEO Release | THE OLD BITCHES | Angelina, Janeen, Sellena

VIDEO HALL | 180 min - 4 crs | 24 May 2017 - full length record

 Sunday, 25th Jun 2017

LIVE STAGE ETV SHOW | 21:00 - 23:00 CET

Dina, Laura, Samantha and Janeen & Angelina

2 hrs - 5 crs | LIVE STAGE





 All Wish Show videos are finally uploaded in the Video Hall.
The big news is that now you can watch all the videos with your favorite model from the series with discount.

Just below the menu bar in Video Hall, there is a "Wish Shows Models' Packages" button. Click on it and for your convenience, you will go directly to the page where all Wish show videos are grouped by models in individual packages. When you click on the picture of the chosen model, you will see all the videos with her participation and how many of them you have not watched. Read at the top of the page information about what's the discount for the package with unwatched videos, you have chosen. If you like to buy it, then click on the discount text.

You can watch also all 139 videos for 250 credits.

Enjoy Now