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Saturday, 25th Mar 2017


Giuseppe: Another way to do RESERVED. Of course effectively. And very pleasant. Thanks Gianni for giving us the chance to see for 2 hours. These beautiful models. and equally Thanks. Yoko and the amazing Isadora for scoring a show highly erotic and sensual. And if she was behind the camera, congratulations to the extraordinary Angelina that you never end to surprise us. for its infinite qualities. Giuseppe

Original post: Un altro modo per fare le RESERVED. Di certo efficace. E molto gradevole. Grazie Gianni per averci dato la possibilità di ammirare per 2 ore. Queste splendide modelle. e altrettanto Grazie. a Yoko e la sorprendente Isadora per aver realizzato uno show altamente erotico e sensuale. E se era lei dietro la telecamera, complimenti alla straordinaria Angelina che mai finirà di stupirci. per le sue infinite qualità. Giuseppe 

Anonimus: The very best show, congratulations. Especially to Isadora, very beautiful and sensual show. Thank you

WK: Good show tonight. Yes, I know it was supposed to be a Reserved experience, but it was a show, lets just be honest about it. It may have been to test the waters with Isadora: would she be popular? is there still a demand for her? would she raise her levels? . . . . I can only speak for myself when I say yes, we still want to see her in shows, yes there is still a demand, and yes, she has raised her levels, as can be seen in some of her matrix videos and tonights show. Tonight show was really quite good, certainly good value at 3 credits, and very enjoyable to watch. I would certainly hope to see more of Isadora, in both senses :) We were told that Isadora and Roshana would no longer be making regular shows, and since then, Roshana, and now Isadora have had the opportunity to show if they would adapt, and clearly Roshana isn't interested in changing at all, by all accounts, she did a tame show exactly the same as all previous shows, whereas Isadora provided some execellent matrix videos, and tonights show was just as good, and proves that she should be back in regular shows. Had she stayed with her previous levels (in other words, refused to adapt) then no, but she clearly had adapted and so deserves a regular slot, and I for one would love to watch her slot on a regular basis, it would be great to see. WK

Boldi: Two wonderful Girls in a very top nice and hot show, very nice and hot erotic, sensual and in harmony, Isadora first time in a low Censorship with his nice body, Yoko every time in his beautiful body, fantastic show from both Girls, good Camera Regie, Boldi 1++

GIANNI: I want to thank to isadora and yoko for being a part of my show... you girls are lovely...thank you for fulfilling my wishes and I want to thank to Angelina for making this show to happen...GIANNI

dominik from austria: dear yoko and isadora thank for this two beautiful hours! you both a dream Team! the Show was so full of erotic,so sensual! great Music! thank you also angelina for great work and also thank you gianni.you have give us Viewer the Chance to see this amazing Girls! isadora we miss you! love greetings dominik from austria

Antonio: Waow what a show with isadora and yoko I miss isadora she was so beautiful and brave very good match with yoko excellent senario excellent camera thank you Gianni for this show I really enjoyed very much. Antonio

Brad: Thank you Gianni for watching us this fantastic show pure erotism and thank you isadora & yoko They were great together I had a lot fun and very good camera work from Angelina top show.Brad

Gilles: This show was really a great performance. Thank you for the nice two hours with Isadora and Yoko. Thank you Isadora for your sexy and erotic contribution. I hope to see you soon in other shows. Congratulation, Gilles

Alain: I have put my chin on the Joseph_fr's shoulder, when he was watching the massage show of Gianni, Isadora & Yoko. I think that , as WK, this show ,2 hours long, has to be classified as a new "premium" show, extracted from "RESERVED massage show" ,but(t) without censorship, price equal to 4 credits ( 2 hours ). instead of 3 credits for a 1 hour 2 naturist models. in that wonderful white room. I add my congratulations for Isadora, now fully naturist model. Yoko was more creative than ever. Angelina & the macro cameramen revealed the marvellous world of the two women , in their art of provocative massages. please do it again asap. in the flat with the sofa.

Anonimus2:Unfortunately I couldn't see the show, yesterday. And obviously I've missed a lot. I hope, this show will be available as a video, soon. :D So let me say something in general about Isadora. To my impression her work radiates the inner harmony, she is living in. She does, what she wants. And she wants, what she does. Another expression of this harmony is the fact, that Isadora is a very friendly and loveable young Lady. So I'm delighted to see, that she has found back the way to ETV participating recent projects. ETV was less without you, Isadora. And she has found a way to raise the level of explicitness without loosing her principles. That's a Win-Win-situation, because she is feeling comfortable doing this, and we fans are grateful for this, because we were longing for seeing more from her spetacular body since a long time. Go on, Isadora. ♥ :D And Yoko? OMG. Yoko has an incredible sex-appeal. Her shows are always fascinating, seductive and hooooooooooooooot. I love her slim, aesthetical figure, her trimmed hair cut and her eyes, which are full of desire. Yoko plays the role of the Lady-Vamp being the Femme Fatale perfectly. ETV, you can be proud to have her with you. And we are happy for this. CU soon, Yoko. ♥

Max: Buon giorno Lo spettacolo più bello di Isadora, rilassata, sorridente, si è lasciata andare. Rilasciate presto il video per favore Max

240 minuti con l'affascinante YOKO


Thursday, 23rd Mar 2017


Giuseppe: Extraordinary evening. 210 minutes Original with Yoko. Two hours with Tia on a show cheerful, fun, relaxing with a few moments of pure eroticism. then again 90 minutes Original video for me because Friday February 10 I was on the train coming home from a job away. 90 minutes of an extraordinary show fascinating and sensual. The last 30 minutes I had already seen them. but I did not remember them so particularly beautiful. To top it all 6 minutes devoted to my desire. Her blond hair, a light makeup that praised its beauty. The evocative music, the combination of the images have created six minutes of absolute and moving. beauty. Thank you. ETV for these moments of emotion, which often given away. Giuseppe

Original post: Straordinaria serata. 210 minuti di originale con Yoko. Due ore con Tia in uno show allegro, divertente, rilassante con alcuni momenti di puro erotismo. poi ancora 90 minuti video per me originale perché venerdi 10 febbraio ero in treno per tornare a casa da un lavoro lontano. 90 minuti di uno straordinario show affascinante e sensuale. Gli ultimi 30 minuti li avevo già visto. ma non li ricordavo cosi particolarmente belli. a coronare il tutto i 6 minuti dedicati al mio desiderio. I suoi biondi capelli, un leggero trucco che ne esaltava la sua bellezza. Le suggestive musiche, La combinazione delle immagini Hanno creato 6 minuti di assoluta ed commovente. bellezza. Grazie. ETV per questi momenti di emozione, che spesso ci regalate. Giuseppe 

Salvatore: I saw this show and I felt very happy and relaxed at the same time. The beauty of Yoko and the sweet of her movement remembered me when I followed ber shows on sat. Go on like this Ladies! Salvatore

LIVE STAGE | ETV SHOW | WISH SHOW Mikeila, Nickie, Rihanna


Wednesday, 22nd Mar 2017


Alain: On Monday evening, My wonderful fairies made a new show full of laughs and eroticism. a secret of their own skill. especially designed to please my foolish brain. Others viewers were also satisfied since these ladies have an outstanding good will. thank to you and the ETV team. kind regards.

YOKO. Ancora una straoedinaria maestra per LISA


Wednesday, 22nd Mar 2017


Giuseppe: Yoko and Lisa After Angelina once srtaordinaria model to take care of Lisa. How extraordinary and of great sensuality of the show was dedicated to me and always give me excitement and emotion the sweet words that Yoko can find to respond to my messages. thanks DIVINE Yoko Giuseppe

Original post: Yoko e Lisa: dopo Angelina ancora una srtaordinaria modella a prendersi cura di Lisa. Come straordinario e di grande sensualità è stato lo show a me dedicato e sempre mi danno emozione e commozione le dolci parole che Yoko riesce a trovare per rispondere ai miei messaggi. grazie DIVINA yoko Giuseppe

Victor: Dear etv team, thnks for exploring a sweet girl like Lisa. I have been unable to watch her shows totally which I wanna watch several times. Wold u please realese her video in a short time? I will be greatful. Thnks. Victor



Monday, 20th Mar 2017


Alain: Mikeila & Samantha are two wonderful ladies who have fetish addictions. For the first time, they show that it becomes a love between them. Wonderful show. I fall in love with their addictions. Please, the ETV team, another appointment with them, as soon as possible. Thank you.

Solo 30 minuti inseme a NANCY, YOKO e LAURA


Monday, 20th Mar 2017


Giuseppe: I apologize to the models. Angelina and to those who work to achieve the show. For the fourth time I send my own messages in the last minute. Creating some discomfort and disruption. And more than anything else the first time forcing everyone to work 17 minutes more of their normal working hours. I'll try not to do that anymore. even if it is not a voluntary choice. and you can imagine why my choice would give up 90 minutes of the show of my Favorite Models: Nancy and Yoko together with the beautiful Laura. Only 30 minutes of a Show. certainly. fantastic. And I count the days until I can see the entire show on video. In a few days it is Spring, the days are longer. My evening work and weekends are in my campaign that from now on any continuous work and care. And in a week back DST who scored the days Then there is the return home with the traffic. I realize that my problems are not interested. to nobody. But it is only to inform ETV that if from now on I'll think, and I will not comment on the show programmed before dellr 21 will not be for lack of interest. Or because I do not appreciate your work more but only because I can not be home first. In any case, I congratulate the models that if Gianni has asked for a round of applause for Angelina for the good work done certainly was. Giuseppe

Original post: Chiedo scusa alle modelle. ad Angelina e a chi lavora per realizzare gli show. Per la quarta volta mando i miei messaggi proprio negli ultmi minuti. Creando di certo fastidio e disservizio. E piu che altro la prima volta costringendo tutti a lavorare 17 minuti in piu del loro normale orario di lavoro. cerchero di non farlo più. anche se non è una scelta volontaria. e potete immaginarlo perché mai per mia scelta rinuncerei a 90 minuti dello show delle mie Preferite modelle: Nancy e Yoko insieme alla bella Laura. Solo 30 minuti di uno Show. di certo. fantastico. E contero i giorni finche potrò vedere per intero lo show in video. Fra qualche giorno è Primavera, le giornate sono più lunghe. Il mio lavoro serale e nei fine settimana sono nella mia campagna che da ora in poi necessita di continuo lavoro e cure. E fra una settimana ritorna l'ora legale che allunga ancora le giornate Poi c'è il ritorno casa con il traffico. Mi rendo conto che i mieI problemI non interessano. a nessuno. Ma è solo per informare ETV che se da ora in avanti non acquisterò, e non farò commenti sugli show programmati prima dellr 21 non sarà per mancanza di interesse. O perché non apprezzo piu i vostri lavori ma solo perche mi è impossibile essere prima a casa. In ogni caso faccio i complimenti alle modelle che se Gianni ha chiesto un applauso per Angelina per il buon lavoro fatto, di certo lo è stato. Giuseppe

Alain: this sunday evening show was beautiful. the rhythm of teasing was excellent all along those 2 hours of the show length. thanks to the models and the ETV team,especially Angelina. kind regards

Angelina Wish Show feb 08´th


Saturday, 18th Mar 2017


KlausNi: Some viewers postet that Angelina performs better in combination with other models. Sometimes I had the same idea. But now I saw the Wish show of feb 08´th. And:...what a great show. What can be performed better ? Nothing. Kind regards KlausNi



Saturday, 18th Mar 2017


Giuseppe: My Divine ...... wonderful creature. With these four words, I closed the NANCYRESERVED 7 hours ago. I have written these words in a few seconds so as not to miss any moment of emotion and commotion that the DIVINE Nancy had created in me. Without even thinking about what I wrote in these hours I not slept little since in any moment of clarity I have tried to review this magic hour spent with my beloved Nancy. And I fished from memory these words believe it is my soul for guiding me to write because in these four words is all that Nancy is for me. Now it's 5 am and I no longer sleep. (Usually I get up at 7 or ven after) The mind is more quiet touristical and I can write something that lives up to my divine ..... I stand corrected THE DIVINE NANCY. since this wonderful CREATURE that ETV has made us the gift, than to be able to admire, even in learning it. I believe that those who last night had the idea to join me to rejoice in his wonderful person. It is because more than an extraordinary model last night was a wonderful person. And who he was with me last night can somewhat understand why I write for her the kind of messages in his live shows. And the words that I write for her. on the wall. I close by thanking: All those who have watched the show last night. I believe that like all the show it was possible to send messages to all. But no one wanted to deprive me of the attention of Nancy, not even himself. for a few minutes. I'd like to know who to tighten, symbolically hand for their discretion and courtesy. Thanks again friends who look and ETV and also I want to do a kindness to all those who have a big heart and a part of the heart there is a model of ETV do with her a RESERVED and emotion that you will experience is so great who will accompany you throughout your life and credits you spend for this you will feel rewarded them a thousand times. Then I thank all the people Of ETV who have worked on giving me this emotion. And Just shortly before the end .... Thank you SUPER woman, Angelina. Personally thank a few days because this week I think six Stove to see my letters ... .. And finally, thank you. marvelous, immense, divine, extraordinary creature would NANCY of my Heart. Giuseppe.

Original post: Mia divina...... meravigliosa Creatura. Con queste 4 parole, ho chiuso la NANCYRESERVED 7 ore fa. Ho scritte queste parole in pochi secondi per non perdere nessun momento dell'emozione e commozione che la DIVINA Nancy aveva creato in me. Senza neanche pensare a quello che scrivevo In queste ore no dormito poco poiché in ogni momento di lucidita ho cercato di rivedere questa magica ora passata con la mia adorata Nancy. E ripescando dalla memoria queste Parole credo che sia la mia anima ad avermi guidato a scriverle poiché in queste 4 parole c'è tutto quello che Nancy rappresenta per me. Ora sono le 5 del mattino e non ho più sonno. (Normalmente mi alzo alle 7 o nche dopo) La mente è più tranqilla e posso scrivere qualcosa che rende onore alla mia divina..... Mi correggo ALLA DIVINA NANCY. poiché questa meravigliosa CREATURA che ETV ci ha fatto il regalo, oltre di poterla ammirare, anche di poterla conoscere. Io credo che chi ieri sera ha avuto l'idea di unirsi a me per gioire della sua meravigliosa persona. Si perché ieri sera più che una straordinaria modella è stata una meravigliosa persona. E chi è stato con me ieri sera può un po capire perché scrivo per lei il genere di messaggi nei suoi show in diretta. E le parole che scrivo per lei. sul muro. Chiudo RINGRAZIANDO: Tutti coloro che hanno guardato lo show ieri sera. Io credo che come tutti gli show fosse possibile a tutti inviare messaggi. Ma nessuno ha voluto privarmi dell'attenzione di Nancy, neanche solo. per qualche minuto. Mi piacerebbe sapere chi sono per stringerli, simbolicamente la mano per la loro discrezione e cortesia. Grazie ancora amici che guardate e ETV e anche io voglio fare una cortesia A tutti coloro che hanno un cuore grande e in una parte di quel cuore c'è una modella di ETV fate con lei una RESERVED e l'emozione che proverete è cosi grande che vi accompagnera per tutta la vita e i crediti che spenderete per questo li riterrete ripagati mille volte. Poi ringrazio tutte le persone Di ETV che hanno lavorato per regalarmi questa emozione. E Proprio poco prima della fine.... ringrazio te SUPER donna, Angelina. Ti ringrazierò personalmente fra qualche giorno poiché in questa settimana credo sei stuffa di vedere mie lettere...E.. infine ringrazio te. meravigliosa, immensa, divina, straordinaria creaura NANCY del mio Cuore. Giuseppe

Kekko: The most beautiful flower was Nancy, bye. Kekko.

Guenny: Bei allem Respect für Nancy´s contributions für ETV seit längerer Zeit und für sie als ganz besonderen Character und wunderschönen Frau, ich fand die Reserved- sendung als unangebracht und un-erotisch für bezahlbare Publication bei ETV. Dies war einen sehr persönliche, emotiale Sache für eine bestimte Person, die andere Zuschauerinnen und Zuschauer vielleicht gar nicht berührten. Gut, es war meine Entscheidung "enter" zu klicken und damit ok. Ich mag ETV und viele deren Models nach über 10 Jahren Zuschauens. Vor ein paar Abenden sah ich Lara in "more time for.." und das ist nun mal nicht zu toppen. Vielleicht bin ich deshalb so kritisch. Beste Wünsche und Dank an Allen die ETV zu dem gemacht haben was es heute ist!!

ETV: This is the very idea of the reserved shows. The private relation between the viewer and the model. Every one who want to watch it and to share these private moments, has to pay too.



Friday, 17th Mar 2017


Alain: Jasmine, you are the best yoga Bridge model in ETV. Your mastery of the strip tease, your perfect grace in your provocative attitudes, your marvelous voice in no other way. I love everything, everywhere in you. I can not wait to see you again . Because my health improves in your company in ETV shows. Thank you all. Kisses



Friday, 17th Mar 2017


Alain: Samantha is the lioness I was waiting for tonight. An unusual energy under an angelic face: the wonderful Samantha explodes my desires by her nudity so sensual. Kisses

ETV SHOW | WISH SHOW | LIVE |Mikeila, Nickie, Rihanna / Laura, Yoko

Alain/Boldi and Friends

Wednesday, 15th Mar 2017


I was not well. I fell off my bed last night. I got troubles with my wife. She wondered if I can see 5 ETV models in an evening. These two shows were perfect= I needed rest after the fall of my bed. These ladies managed to calm my spirits. Yoga resting and very sensual, spanking sound revivifying, caresses in love between women. An extraordinary beauty. I love you so much. Thank you Mikeila of this supreme course for spanking. Yoko and Laura for their auricular loves.

Boldi and Friends: Nice show from both Girls, very hot panty play show from Laura, Boldi and Friends

Boldi and Friends
It was a super hot erotic show from three super girls, happy birth Mikeila, Boldi and Friends! 

Commovente Angelina. Sempre super DONNA

Giuseppe/ Alain

Wednesday, 15th Mar 2017


Giuseppe: Dear Angelina is touching to see how kindness, grace and sweetness speak with Lisa. Like a big sister speaks to a younger sister. As a dear friend: advises, encourages, helps her friend to do a difficult thing. And you beautiful Lisa, do not worry. It 'nice to see as many modesty, shyness. The uncertainty to enter a different world. There will be time for everything. And we'll be waiting. Giuseppe. This is the message that I sent last night to Angelina and Lisa. With a few more words. (No. Having here the limit of 300 characters) to express my concept better. Once again I want to praise ETV that can create love than friendship and complicity between his models. As I hope it is understood, I love the woman and her ability and intelligence that allows him to overcome and do everything well. if there is one small criticism and its lack when they are in groups to help themselves, to defend themselves to have complicity between them we see it. often in Italian show: Grande Fraatello, Uomini e donne ... What we rarely see friendship and complicity between them but almost always takes the side of men. This does not happen to ETV. we see it every night. And last night it was the clearest example. The grace of Angelina to explain. and as many Grace of Lisa to listen. And a little later, the harmony between Yoko and Samantha on a show that I would say perfect and EXTRAORDINARY. Giuseppe

Original post: Cara Angelina é commovente vedere con quanta gentilezza, grazia e dolcezza parli con Lisa. Come una sorella maggiore parla a una sorella minore. Come una cara amica: consiglia, incoraggia, aiuta l'amica a fare una cosa difficile. E tu bella Lisa, non preoccuparti. E' altretanto bello vedere il pudore, la timidezza. L'incertezza ad entrare in un mondo diverso. Ci sarà tempo per ogni cosa. E noi ti aspetteremo. Giuseppe. Questo e il messaggio che ieri sera ho inviato ad Angelina e Lisa. Con qualche parola in più. (non. avendo qua il limite dei 300 caratteri) per esprimere meglio il mio concetto. Ancora una volta voglio fare lode a ETV che riesce a creare amore rispetto amicizia e complicità tra le sue modelle. Come spero si sia capito, io amo la donna e la sua capacità e intelligenza che gli permette di superare e ben fare ogni cosa. se c'é una piccola critica e propri la mancanza, quando sono in gruppo di aiutarsi, di difendersi di avere complicità tra di loro lo vediamo. spesso nei show Italiani: Grande fratello, Uomini e donne... Che raramente vediamo amicizia e complicità tra di loro ma quasi sempre si schierano dalla parte degli uomini. questo non succede a ETV. lo vediamo ogni sera. E anche ieri sera ne è stato l'esempio più chiaro. La grazia di Angelina a Spiegare. e l'altretanta Grazia. di. Lisa ad. ascoltare. E un po dopo, la sintonia tra Yoko e Samantha in uno show che vorrei dire perfetto e STRAORDINARIO. Giuseppe

Alain: Lisa, the debutante is beautiful and Angelina has transformed her. The satisfaction of the viewers is guaranteed. Congratulations.

Victor: I stared to watch the show, but I had to leave earlier. The show that I watched was fantastic. We all know how fantastic and beatiful Angelina is, but Lisa Lisa Lisa, u are a new discovery. Congradulations to ETV team because of conquring a girl like Lisa. Dear etv team, would u plzz release this video in a shortest time ! I wanna watch lovely Lisa once and once again. Plzz do it fast.

ETV SHOW | WISH SHOW | LIVE | Yoko, Samantha


Tuesday, 14th Mar 2017


Alain: all the lovers of Yoko and Samantha have participated in their shows: actively and several times: these women work really well and the result is a mountain of eroticism. Bravo



Tuesday, 14th Mar 2017


Lara with no doubt she is one of the most beautiful girl in this world...for my taste she is way too beautiful than the victoria secret super models...she is beyond beautiful I mean no words can describe this unusual creature just waaaowww...GIANNI

Manni: Hallo Danke das Ihr endlich euer Archiv durchsucht So eine wundervolle Frau muss man einfach allen zeigen Ich bin schon ewig ETV Fan. Es gibt noch mehr geile Videos von Lara. Wir freuen uns drauf . Von den Top 3 Frauen fehlen nur noch Marla und Gia Ich hoffe für alle, das Ihr die geilen Frauen auch bald einstellt. Es wäre schlimm, wenn Ihr so genial geile Frauen nicht zeigen würdet Ich freue mich drauf. Und nochmals danke für Lara. Mfg Manni

Brad: I agree Gianni. Lara she is absolutely stunning...more videos of her please.Brad



Tuesday, 14th Mar 2017


Enrique: Lisa seems to be a very attractive model for the ETV team. She has a lovely face, beautiful eyes and a lovely smile. She also has a slim and well trimmed body. With a little practice, she will be great to have on the show. Enrique