Laura and Angelina

Albert wall/Alain

Monday, 24th Apr 2017


Albert wall: I waited this show long time and was not disappointed. These two girls are in tune and find themselfs in an amazing erotic way. Thank for fulfil a little bit my wish, I appreciated it so much. Thanks for beauty and intriguing eroticism. Love you both and hope in a new show as soon as possible. You are great. Albert wall

Alain: this show is sublime and I really enjoyed that Laura and Angelina join their best talents to tease us during these 2 wonderful hours of absolute eroticism. Thank you . see you soon, for new adventures even more erotic, in few weeks. best regards.


Un messaggio che ti accende la vita....


Monday, 24th Apr 2017


Giuseppe: A message that lights up your life. And then another you turn it off. Tia, Lisa, The History and Continuity of ETV. Two true ladies of beauty and sympathy. And then she is the lady of everything. That it is sensual. That's eroticism. Or sweetness, cheerfulness. And at the same time absolute seriousness and professionalism. Over the years, I've sent maybe 1000 messages, maybe more, maybe some less. Of these more than 100 I sent them to beautiful Yoko. There's nothing nicer here than to hear his answer and look at his smile. And tonight was no less. Her enthusiasm and sweetness with which Tia and Lisa did the massage at Yoko were so excited that I felt the need to send all three to Angelina to send her this message .... Thank you Tia and Lisa for the sweetness you have had to give a nice time to my beloved little girl. I'm sure that in her infinite kindness she will regenerate your sweetness. So if you have time, take a nice time between all of you. Dear Angelina if you too are there a hug and a thanks to you Giuseppe .... Seeing the show dedicated to me and writing a second message has passed a bit. time. And when I sent him missing about 15 minutes at the end of the show. When Tia finished her dance desire she still missed a few minutes at the end of 2 hours. After all my wish was to see the message of thanksgiving and to give a final hug, what I write is not a controversy. But it's just to know how we can handle the last few minutes of LIVESHOW. Sometimes the model tells us when other messages are not accepted. And this would be a good thing to do. Because as far as you can understand your demands: We are human beings and always remain with bit of bitterness and disappointment When our message is not shown, I would like to have your answer on this. A hug Giuseppe.

Original post: Un messaggio che ti accende la vita. E poi un'altro te la spegne. Tia, Lisa, La storia e la continuità di ETV. due vere dame della bellezza e della simpatia. E poi c'è lei la dama di tutto. che sia sensualità. Che sia erotismo. O anche dolcezza, allegria. E allo stesso tempo serietà e professionalità assoluta. Negli anni ho mandato forse 1000 messaggi, forse di più, forse qualcuno in meno. Di questi più di 100 li ho mandati al bella Yoko. Mai niente di più bello c'è, che sentire la sua risposta e guardare il suo sorriso. E questa sera non è stato di meno. Il suo entusiasmo e la dolcezza co la quale Tia e Lisa hanno fatto il massaggio a Yoko mi hanno talmente emozionato che ho sentito la necessita di mandare a tutte tre ed a Angelina di mandarle questo messaggio.... Thank you Tia and Lisa for the sweetness you have had to give a nice time to my beloved Bambina. I am sure that in her infinite kindness she will regenerate your sweetness. So if you have time, take a pleasant time between all of you. Dear Angelina if you too are there a hug and a thanks to you Giuseppe.... Vedere lo show dedicato a me e scrivere un secondo messaggio è passato un po di. tempo. E quando lo inviato mancavano circa 15 minuti alla fine dello show. Quando poi Tia ha finito la sua danza desiderio mancava ancora qualche minuto alla fine delle 2 ore. Dopo tutto il mio desiderio era che vedessero il messaggio di ringraziamento e che si dessero un abbraccio finale, Quello che scrivo non è assolutamente una polemica. Ma è solo per sapere come dobiamo conportarci negli ultimi minuti del LIVESHOW. Qualche volta la modella ci dice il momento in cui non vengono accettati altri messaggi. E questa sarebbe una cosa bella da fare sempre. perché per quanto si possono capire le vostre esiggenze: Siamo degli esseri umani e si rimane sempre con un po di amarezza e delusione Quando un nostro messaggio non viene mostrato, Mi piacerebbe avere una vostra risposta su questa cosa. Un abbraccio Giuseppe

The Last Wish Shows

TazMan/Anonimus/LORENZO/dominik from austria/WK/Alain

Sunday, 23rd Apr 2017


TazMan: Hi ETV, I have previously mentioned that the wishes in the Wish Shows are becoming repetitive and boring. So I am pleased you have announced these shows are coming to an end, and fully support your decision. I am sure you have been working hard “preparing new types of shows with new entertaining interactive features and new approaches”, and I would like to offer a few suggestions: 1. GET LUCKY SHOW – ETV prepare and display 20 “prizes” (short shows) numbered 4 to 24. Members send messages, not wishes to the models, for every nice/complimentary message the model rolls 4 dice. The total dice score corresponds to a prize. The rare high and low scores have the hottest prizes. Of course scores and prizes can be repeated during the same show, but ETV can keep the show fresh by changing the prizes and adding or removing dice. This format allows for themes like Get Lucky Ice show, Get Lucky Oil show, Get Lucky Bondage show, Get Lucky Extreme show, etc. 2. WISH FOR FREE SHOW – Instead of costing 3 crs to watch the show and charging 4 crs per wish, the entry fee is increased to say 5 crs and all wishes are FREE. This will encourage passive members to send messages and active members to send more messages, which will increase the variety of wishes received. Moderation of abusive messages is essential. 3. TARGET SHOW – ETV prepare and display 40 numbered “prizes” and one special “Target Prize”. Members send messages, with a number from 1 to 40 of the “prize” they want performed, if a duplicate number is received the next available prize number is fulfilled. When all of the prizes have been completed the special Target Prize is performed. This should be a very special prize to encourage the completion of the 40 other prizes. If there are not enough messages to reach the target, the viewers would have still enjoyed the other prizes. 4. MENU SHOW – ETV prepare a menu with 4 courses, each lasting 30 mins. The courses Appetizer, Starter, Main and Dessert each contain a selection of shows. Members send a VIP Message requesting their selection. The purpose of 4 courses is to not repeat shows other than during the same 30 mins. Again ETV can keep this show fresh by changing the selections between shows and giving the shows a theme such as WET MENU Show, STICKY MENU show, CHOCOLATE MENU show, DAIRY MENU show, etc. 5. MIX AND MATCH SHOW – ETV prepares a list of scenarios, a list of locations and a list of objects. Members work together to submit messages nominating one of the available options, when all 3 categories have been requested that forms the show, such as Doggy, on the floor, with a balloon, or massage, on the sofa, with a pineapple, etc. the objective is to interactively design a unique show, and sometimes the selections will be funny, sensual or just weird! 6. WISH REWARD SHOW – 2 or 3 shows per week, costing the same as the current WISH SHOW in which members send a VIP Message for 4 credits requesting any wish. Every member who submits a wish in any WISH REWARD SHOW that week is rewarded with FREE entry into the RESERVERED REWARD SHOW at the end of the week. The RESERVERED REWARD SHOW should be a special show announced in advance and cost more than 7 credits to watch for those who do not receive FREE entry to make it worth participating earlier in the week. This encourages more members to submit wishes and thereby increase the variety of wishes in each show. I hope you like some of these suggestions, which I hope give you inspiration for the shows you have been planning, and that your changes will make the live shows more dynamic, varied, exciting and less predictable. Regards TazMan

Anonimus: Hi. My wishes for the new format. I think stripping the models is the most fun part and I hope you always leave the opportunity to express wishes. Ciao

LORENZO: Abbiamo letto quanto avete scritto : IT'S TIME FOR CHANGES - NEW TYPE OF SHOWS ARE COMING SOON , vogliamo sperare che realizzerete shows piu' belli , piu' attraenti e senza alcuna censura , con riprese da ogni direzione e con molti " close up " . Tenete in considerazione , che per fare un bello show , non è sufficiente un " open legs" da parte delle ragazze , ma è fondamentale l'interattivita' che creano tra di loro . Riguardate i P.S. , Bohemian Nights con Aida , Tia , Jeit , Claudia ed anche Bohemian Time con Lauren , Sellena , Angelina , Keira , confrontateli con i vari WISH SHOWS e noterete l'enorme differenza . Speriamo che queste osservazioni verranno accolte dal Team . GRAZIE Cordiali Saluti LORENZO

dominik from austria: good evening etv Team,dear angelina. i see in the Lobby that the wish Shows go to end!! but can we Viewer anyway send a message or compliment to the models or have we not contact to the models love greetings dominik from austria

Alain: to avoid the repetitive and boring wishes, viewers need various tools or toys. I wish to propose a map of yoga positions here-attached. This card makes it possible to call a position in the viewers' wish. The variations concern the movements of the free parts of the human body: the leg is made of the thigh, the shin and the foot. The bottom of the foot is the sole of the foot. The fat finger is the toe. The arm is made of the hand, the forearm and the biceps (between shoulder and elbow). In the hand, the fat finger is the thumb. The first finger is the index finger, to show the culprit. The longest finger shows the north, sign of a deadlock in the relationship between human beings. Stirring the shin in the "tabletop" position is an intensive workout. Glue the card to the living room wall behind the sofa: viewers will see the possible choices, instead of the brown squares. kind regards.

WK: I like some of Tazmans suggestions. For me, the wish shows were a good idea, but as you say, all ideas can become stale and yes, its time for a change. I've noticed that there are a number of viewers prefer different levels, one or two like tame, and most like the hotter shows, so what about have shows with a level indicator. As an example, if a show will be topless and most nude, it gets a WARM rating, whereas a show with fully nude and open leg, gets a HOT rating. Potentially, if we are one day lucky to get a show with more than open leg, it would get a rating of RED HOT. That's just in idea, personally, the hotter the better :) I would also like to see more themes. Perhaps a striptease club, where girls practice the various parts of a striptease and end the show with a full on nude striptease (the hotter the better). Or a photography studio, where each girl is photographed by Angelina, and she has to coach them and get them to reveal as much as she can get them to. A bedroom theme, where a girl comes on from a night at a club, slowly strips naked for bed and then gets into bed, there is potential for adding nightwear or even the girl to enjoy her own body once in bed, under the sheets or even over them (as Jasmine once did) What about introducing a toy show once a week, where girls willing to enjoy themselves can use a toy of their choice. Just a few ideas from me. I'm looking forward to the new shows, hoping to see more of the girls and more girls, and really hoping to see Isadora on more revealing shows, as she has in the RE shows where she has been excellent. She has a great body and naked is amazing, please encourage her to embrace her naked wonderfulness. I would also love to see a new weekly show, maybe called, Girls from the past, where a former girl comes back for a show as a one off. She may then want to stay back in the rota? Needless to say, I'd suggest Destiny, Izzy, Merilyn, Leslie, Kia, the Twins, to name but a few. looking forward to next week, and ready to buy lots of credit lol WK

sleeping beauty


Saturday, 22nd Apr 2017


stefano: Good morning etv, yesterday evening i watched the show sleeping beauty with jasmine saya and angelina. what to say... great show end great series with erotism, sensuality and a lot of passion beetwin the girls. i hope that for the future shows you could be offer this type of spectacle. thanks, stefano

WISH SHOW | 21:00 - 23:00 Friday | Nancy


Saturday, 22nd Apr 2017


Alain: Nancy, you are so nice to us to take care of our naughty thoughts. thank you. Return whenever you please, with a mixture of beer, water, honey or tea, as you wish. At this late hour, if the fridge had a little ice, a fruit would give you the energy to dance. see you soon.

dominik from austria

yoko and tallona/Antonio/Aki/Free/Brad/Anyone/Alain

Friday, 21st Apr 2017


dominik from austria: dear yoko and tallona,thank you for the sensual Show,it was great and thank you Gianni that you give us Viewer the possibility to watch the Show!! also thanks to etv Team and beautiful angelina love greetings dominik from austria

Antonio: Wonderful show , beautiful girls.. tallona & yoko thanks for this sexy show also thanks Angelina and Etv team.and Gianni you are the king ... Antonio

Aki: I'm fully agreed with Dominic - the show was fantastic and very sensual. I was so surprised and pleased to see Tallona again. Thanks to her and Yoko! And also a big Thanks to Gianni and the ETV team for making this possible! And moreover I'd be very delighted if we could see more shows of Tallona in the future as well. Greetings, Aki

Free: It was a fantastic show. I hope to see the missing part in the video hall. thanks Yoko Tallona and etv

Brad: What a great show:) thanks Gianni for this show.thanks Tallona & yoko they were great together they are beautiful sexy girls I didn't want show to end. Thanks Etv... Brad

Giuseppe: YokoTallona. fantastic. Generous. Wonderful divine creatures. Giuseppe

Anyone: A hot reserved show, hairy power!! Gianni is lucky, (i tried to ask a reserved and never had a real reply), girls were not very comfortable each other but as usual sexy and hot, Yoko confirmed to be a power (she is my girlfriend favourite) , Tallona was unexpectedly limitless, I don’t understand how is possible, as happened for Isadora, in Reserved they lose all their limits and show without problems pussy and stay open legs without hide nothing, was only screenplay old attitude? Anyone

Alain: At the beginning of the show, Tallona was very happy to be with Yoko, whose enthusiasm made the success of this show. But I noticed that Tallona reached a true smile when Yoko caressed her lower abdomen at the beginning of the massage session. It is her sensitive area ! But she became inert during the massage of her ass. It did not interest her at all. Then she tried to repeat the maneuver to lift her leg with the black band, but the stress due to the lack of workout invaded her. She had short in breath when she thanked Gianni. of course, Gianni did not want to leave the screen to the viewers wishs. Was Tallona asleep? I deduce that Tallona is not qualified to leave the past, even if her eyes are much better. greetings

Victor: Dear Tallona, u were perfect in the show and I really missed u a lot, welcome back to the stage again. I hope u will stay in etv and give us a chance to meet u; please do not leave. Victor

Maximilano: Excellent show by Tallona and Yoko.Tallona she was very brave and sexy I enjoyed Yoko and Tallona together in a good harmony...hope to see this show in video section soon.thanks Gianni ,Etv and beautiful models Tallona and Yoko for this sexy show...Maximilano

ETV SHOW | WISH SHOW Nickie | 21:00 - 22:00


Thursday, 20th Apr 2017


Alain: Nickie was in a superb red dress, which did not hide her beautiful body for long. Her boldness in her erotic provocations pushed her out of the normal cameras to show his sublime feet to a very experienced foot lover. She became the queen of the feet and then fought to become queen of the burlesque: Warrior song signature.bravo

ETV SHOW | WISH SHOW Rihanna | 20:00 - 21:00


Thursday, 20th Apr 2017


Alain: Rihanna is the queen of water, or the yoga mistress,or the conductor of the Water Orchestra. Boldi knows the key to have Rihanna playing the water piano. Thanks you both. others friends were very nice sponsors of this electric Woman. wonderful.

ETV SHOW | WISH SHOW Audrey, Yoko | 19:00 - 20:00 |


Thursday, 20th Apr 2017


Alain: Yoko & Audrey waited for the viewers who still linger in their work. Finally, Audrey overcame her worries and the show ended in the beautiful way. Congratulations and thank you.

ETV SHOW | WISH SHOW |Angelina, Marylin | 20:00 - 22:00 |


Wednesday, 19th Apr 2017


Alain: I did my modest effort to try & discover who is Marylin. I was stupid to think she could be the daughter of Marilyn Monroë ! she has a Swedish look, very calm, but a pack of sexy muscles ready to fight against the stupid wishes ! She is a super beautiful woman, who will be naked if she feel good in the ETV place. warm up your heart, stay cool : no boring workout, no stressing yoga pose ! birth day is 23rd august 3052: even if, in suede, they have nice sauna, don't expect her provocative nudity within the next minutes . I will keep you informed. Thanks to Angelina for her good will in recruitment for ETV show artists.

ETV SHOW | WISH SHOW |Audrey, Virginia Apr 19th 2017 18:00 - 20:00cet


Wednesday, 19th Apr 2017


Alain: this was the first show of the last wonderful women who enter the world of the magic fairies in ETV show. What a success ! this is the proof that ETV is the best business home for women who like to play with the men's fantastic dreams ! congratulations!

Matrix Reloaded

albert wall/TazMan/Martin/KlausNi/Anonimus...

Tuesday, 18th Apr 2017


albert wall: good choice archive matrix lovely and sexy girls from the past now we will watch roshanna albert wall

TazMan: Hi ETV, I am sure many new members will enjoy the Matrix Reloaded, but for many loyal members who watched live or purchased your shows over many years, this new offering leaves a bad feeling. From the descriptions and knowing how many shows I had FREE access to watch whenever I wanted in the old VIDEOS section, being offered the majority of these again, but this time at a cost is unreasonable. Until now you have been fair, as old shows are released into the VIDEO HALL, if I previously had access to them you have ensured I still have FREE access to them, but from what I can see this is not the case with the Matrix Reloaded. Please reconsider the pricing for these archive shows and allow members who had FREE access to the content to still have FREE access to the content, and I am sure members like me will seriously consider buying the unseen shows, but without a preview and an unwillingness to pay again for something I have already purchased, then it is more likely long term loyal members will avoid buying any Matrix Reloaded shows. Kind Regards TazMan

ETV team: All the videos in the Matrix Reloaded section are part of different other previously published compilations. They never have been published alone as it is now. The recent videos are hand picked from our archives and are presented here in a new unique way for all our new viewers. All the viewers who had paid to watch some of the videos as part of previously published compilations will be able to watch them again for free when we publish those compilations. You know that we continuously publish our old videos and compilations in the video hall section and all the viewers who had already payed for them are being assigned to watch them for free. The videos in the new Matrix Reloaded section are stand alone hand picked essence from the archives we publish for the first time in such a way. They are not expensive /0.5 cr/ short or medium sized extracts from our archives never published stand alone in such a matrix type of configuration. This is a very good way for all our new viewers to see most of our previous models in typical wishes. It is a brief overview in which every viewer can watch only what he wants for only half credit without the need to watch long and more expensive compilations.

KlausNi: Hey ETV team, that´s a big big positive surprize. I look ETV since several years and asked several time for some old videos. May be some of my wishes are fulfilled. Spontaneous I miss only Mashiara. Kind regards KlausNi

Anonimus: Please, please, pleeeeaaaase bring KRISTINA back into the live-show!!! ... She is sooo HOT!!! I miss her so much!!! Thx

Martin: Die Zusammenstellung Matrix Reloaded mit den "Altstars" ist komplett Spitze. Die vor ca. 8 Wochen ähnliche Zusammenstellung mit aktuellen Akteurinnen ist verschwunden, warum ?? Hofmar0408 - Martin

ETV team: Wish Matrix is still in the Matrix section. You can find it in submenu, which is over the Matrix Reloaded table.

Anonimus2: Hi ETV, thank you very much fot the Matrix Reloaded! Well done! Please make a new matrix with the moedels Isabella and Veronika. If available, also Rayanna and Izzy. With the new Model Marylin Regards

Victor: Dear etv team, thnks a lot for this project. As one of your faithfull followers/viewers almost since the begining, I m qiete very much happy to meet our friends/models with whom we were together before. I missed them a lot. I have been happy to meet with these models again. I m watching all of them one by one. Would u please invite other past models to the stage again; for instance, lovely Gia whom I missed a lot, also Foxy! If u prepare a program with these models I will becraly happy. Thnks in adbance. Regards, Victor

Rom: Hi Anonimus, I also agree to you and to your wish to bring back Kristina to ETV, but I apprehend that Kristina wouldn't come, on the other hand, ETV could release beside the nice but short videos of Matrix Reloaded Section, more videos of Kristina of the archives. I'm missing Kristina to, so I also repeat your wishes to ETV by myself. Rom.

Angelo: Complimenti a tuttolo staff di ETV per la serie MATRIX. Belle inquadrature e splendide colonne sonore di accompagnamento, li consiglio a tutti. Nel mio caso sono bellissimi i video che ritraggono la "mia" Stupenda MUSA LAUREN, che rivive nel mio cuore e nei ricordi più belli. I Love You Forever Lauren. BRAVI! Ritengo inoltre sia una scelta oculata la durata e il costo dei crediti per poter godere di questi fiori meravigliosi del creato. Angelo

Ben tornata Tallona

Giuseppe/Black King Kurt/Alain

Tuesday, 18th Apr 2017


Giuseppe: It is already great emotion just look at the picture and then read the names. Yoko and Tallona. In RESERVED. Thanks to those who had this idea. Tomorrow I will revise my commitments and my schedule to watch these rare beauties. and I hope from the first minute. welcome back Tallonaa and who knows that it is a new beginning and that she still comes back to us. Yoko-Tallona a perfect couple, almost like Nancy-Yoko. Whether it is to get it back with us. or that it is only for a day, Once again I say welcome back bella Tallona a hug to all Giuseppe

Black King Kurt: It was a happy surprise at Easter to see Tallona in the MATRIX RELOADED and then in RESERVED EXPERIENCE. Thanks to the one who asked for it, but big thank to Tallona, the Pearlhaired Girl. Together with Nippon witch Yoko it will be magic. This couple is perfect. It is a pity, that I cannot watch it live. (I try to change it) Therefore some greetings to my dear Tallona. I keep You in mind and heart. Your Black King Kurt

Alain: I remember the charms of Tallona when she was playing naked in the empty bathtub with Zoe. Today, Yoko replaces Zoe, with even more charm. Will Yoko's talent convince her to stay with us? without glasses? Thanks to the ophthalmologist. Congratulations to the sponsor.

Alain: I remember the charms of Tallona when she was the lovely woman of "Night in white satin" jun 16th 2016 23:00 CET. But this connection style is over: my network link to her beautiful body was poor. She miss me a lot: my Moody Blues. that was the day of Kristina diner..

Bath screen test Audrey


Monday, 17th Apr 2017


KlausNi: What a beautiful lady. Together with Angelina and Tia Audrey proofs that a model need not be younger than 22 to be an attractiv lady. Hope we will see more shows with Audrey. Where is Joya ? kind regards KlausNi

Buona Pasqua a tutti di ETV


Saturday, 15th Apr 2017


Giuseppe: Best wishes for a happy Easter to you all of ETV and always thank you for the beautiful reality that you are. Giuseppe