FIRST SHOTS - Volterra


Saturday, 22nd Jul 2017


Alain: The show started as a photo show, as Angelina likes to do. Volterra seemed to have trouble with the clothes that Angelina had provided. It was much better with the red veils. She is so pretty ! No hair under the navel! Then she treated her skin, from her cheeks to her feet, with a white paste. The massage inspired her to show us her intimate secrets. A new style for ETV. Welcome Volterra.

Guenny: Congratulations, Volterra! What an impressive first appearance on ETV. Highly interesting and beautifull young lady, with a face, eyes, gestures and an absolutely perfect body to remember. And she surely knows pretty much on her own as to how to present herself erotically. I am anxious to see what will come out of her next. She would certainly be an enrichment to the ETV team of models. She deserves a warm and heartly welcome there. Hope she is going to carry on, intimately together with other of my favourites there or solo, and, what is most important: that she likes her job with ETV to the enjoyment to the viewers and to the satisfaction of herself. Thanks again! Guenny

Anonymous: Wonderful Girl in a very nice performance, and this for the first time, compliment for the show and Regie, Boldi and friends for you, only 45Min and not 60Min is not fair!



Saturday, 22nd Jul 2017


vince: to you, unforgotten beautiful twins. Stays healthy both and live wonderful lifes. Many hugs and kisses, vince

Stephan: Happy Birthday, Dacota and Kelly! I wish you all the best, and I miss you every day. - Greetings Stephan

Kurt: to the Silver Jubilee my all time beloved friends, Dacota and Kelly. All the best for both of You - peace, health, success and love. I remember the creative performances and the intimate talks. You both will be always in my heart. Your Black King Kurt

WK: Best wishes to these sexy goddesses, I would soooo love to see you both back on ETV, either a guest night or long term, or even for a reserved experience if that were possible. WK

sunday Show

dominik from austria

Friday, 21st Jul 2017


dominik from austria: good evening dear etv Team,dear angelina,dear eli,thank you a Million, i am soooo..happy because yoko has on sunday a Show!! i like yoko so much and i miss her voice and beautiful smile !! i wish you a wonderful evening!! love greetings your dominik from austria

SHOWER SHOW - Samantha and Flora


Friday, 21st Jul 2017


WK: I hope she's back for good, she looks great. I hope to see her in a sexy 2girl show with Sam, getting sensual and intimate on a bed :) Have to be honest, these shower shows aren't really for me, the falling water causes problems for the cameras, and the video quality and lighting just isn't up to recent standards, which have been really great. And there's too little they can do as they are, in these shower shows. Hoping next week maybe striptease week, or maybe 2 girl sensual shows, on a bed, getting really intimate and personal, or 2girl massage shows like Roshana and Isadora did:) WK

Alain: Flora and Samantha, the couple of excellence: power, beauty, playful waters and skilled hands. Caresses, kisses, hugs, everything is there. Thus, Flora's return allowed her to discover Samantha, the fairy of the saving shower when the heat of summer reaches too erotic temperature.

SHOWER SHOW - Isadora, Laura, Lisa


Thursday, 20th Jul 2017


Alain: The tasty Isadora plays very well with her great friends Lisa and Laura. Just to laugh, they replay their memories of wet jerseys, as in American universities at the time of the summer holidays!

Gianni: Well, One of the best show at the history of ETV . Simply amazing... thanks Etv stuff especially camera man, Angelina and the beautiful models Isadora,Laura and Lisa... Isadora you are a stunning woman... Gianni

Gilles: Nice show, Isadora, you are the best and the nicest for me, regards, Gilles

Andreas: Very good presentation of the three pretty ladies all ahead the "Shooting Star" of etv 'Isadora'. Good stable camera focusing on the attractive parts with adequate light. Of big significance the continuous standing position of the ladies for optimal presentation. All in all one of the best of etv programs. Regards, Andreas

darius: Tre deliziose modelle con Isadora sempre più amabile, darius

Victor: Dear ETV team, congradulations for the recent amazing shows. All are awesome. Please do not be late to publish these marvelous shower shows. We will be waiting for watching these shows with excitement and impatiance. Thanks in advance. Regards. Victor

Open Video production Lisa


Thursday, 20th Jul 2017


KlausNi: Now I saw the video complete. The more I want to see the raw material. Hope ETV will upload it to Video Hall. If you see Lisa smile man feels like ice in the sunshine. Wearing clothes or nude: Everybody can see she is super beautiful, she is funny ( scene with pantyhose or lampshade on her head ), she is very hot ( scene with feathers on the bed or scene on the piano ), she has fun shooting the video. So: Nothing more to wish but the raw material and other shows with Lisa without wishes from wanker. KlausNi

WK: KlausNi When they did this video, they stated explicitly that the raw footage would not be made available on video, it was a live only event, and that the video would be created from the raw footage. WK

SHOWER SHOW - Samantha and Gionna


Tuesday, 18th Jul 2017


Alain: The first bath in a real bathtub with a shower to remove the foam! many flowers like I love it! good music! Gionna & Samantha in their wonderful world ! it is a story you can't forget. congratulations

Guenny: I fully agree with Alain. This shower show was exactly what I would expect from very sensuous and tender erotic entertainment. The two young ladies are just wonderful and I admire Gionna for enjoying viewers right from her first appearance on ETV with her erotic appeal and beautiful body. Thank you, girls, and to the ETV team. Guenny


Monday, 17th Jul 2017


dominik from austria: good evening dear etv Team,dear angelina,dear eli, i have a question please ,when does you go in Holidays?? if you in Holidays then i go so Long for nightshift til you come back! give me please answer,thanks, love greetings dominik from austria

ETV: The work is our Holliday :)



Monday, 17th Jul 2017


Giuseppe: Wonderful WALL girls can now thank you freely for helping me make this little surprise to the extraordinary Angelina. You were great and thanks to Angelina for a minutes of great emotion that once again gave me. And finally she. The queen of my dreams. His words of surprise and disappointment for my departure, which at the same time give me happiness and sadness. Happiness in understanding how Yoko combines my affection and devotion. Sadness to leave all of you and my sweet angel for six weeks so tonight I have to thank BIG BANG for giving me two sweet moments to take me to my memory. Thank you to my divine Yoko. And thanks to all of you. Giuseppe

Original post: Meravigliose ragazze del WALL ora posso ringraziarvi liberamente per avermi aiutato a fare questa piccola sorpresa alla straordinaria Angelina. Siete state fantastiche e grazie ad Angelina per dei minuti di grande emozione che ancora una volta mi ha regalato. E infine lei. La regina dei miei sogni. Le sue parole di sorpresa e di delusione per la mia partenza che allo stesso tempo mi danno felicità e tristezza. Felicità nel capire quanto Yoko ricambia il mio affetto e la mia devozione. Tristezza per dover lasciare tutti voi e il mio dolce angelo per sei settimane così questa sera devo proprio ringraziare il BIG BANG per avermi regalato due dolci momenti da portarmi via nella mia memoria. Grazie a te mia divina Yoko. E grazie a tutti voi. Giuseppe

Alain: Janeen decided it was too hot in this construction not finished. They did the show 2 by 2 and the other ladies were resting between each clip. I applauded the cameras that were placed on the back of the women lying down. The sight of the couple Samantha-Yoko, in full action, was very moving. From the point of view of eroticism, of course. I must say that each one was full of good will to show all the parts of their bodies from a very interesting angle. Finally, we went through the secret passage to see the end of construction of their holiday datcha. There will be a large private shower with a deep pool.

WET MACRO | Gionna, Janeen, Samantha


Sunday, 16th Jul 2017


Janeen's job was to make a black curtain with all the panties! No panties and Gionna is in the closet in the dark! Of course, Janeen refreshes Samantha's sumptuous body. She is too hot and the sparkling water droplets mix with her sweat. magnificent! Meanwhile, Gionna is too hot in her closet. The cameraman refreshes her body with the water pistol. But she suffers from being isolated from the light. Once again, She did not want to smile. Janeen forgot her in his closet, but the light in the closet was restored and I could see what the camera dared to show me. Hum... Sexy .

Reserved experience Angelina

KlausNi/Boldi/dominik from austria/Alain/Giuseppe/Gianni/darius

Friday, 14th Jul 2017


KlausNi: Hi all, who didn´t have time to look at 19.00 ETV: You shouldn´t miss the show in Video Hall. Hope it comes soon. 1 hour full of erotic as erotic can be at highest level. Thanks Angelina for this fantastic show. KlausNi

Boldi: very nice sensual erotic show, big compliment for Angelina, Boldi 

dominik from austria: good evening dear angelina,you are the timeless masterpiece of etv! this was the best Show from you,i have seen,thats my oppinion,full of erotic,so sensual,really great!! thank you so much dear angelina and thank you dear klaus!! i wish you a wonderful evening !! your dominik from austria

Albert wall: I am excited waiting for Angelina show! She drive me crazy! She is my mistress! Love her. Albert wall

Alain: I heard about a lovely woman who has a bird day, or a burst day, or a trust day, or a bunny day. I feel she drunk too much champagne. the rose petals have a love smell, as if there was an erotic clip to show how such a day is crazy.

Giuseppe: I lost the angel's RESERVED, I believe organized in her name on her birthday. Because at that hour it's too early for me. I hope to be in the video soon to see it. I wish you could help me for ..... Thank you. Giuseppe.

Original post: Mi sono perso la RESERVED di angelina, credo organizzata in suo nome in occasione del suo compleanno. perchè a quell'ora è troppo presto per me. Spero sia presto in video per potrla vedere. vorrei mi potreste aiutare per. ..... Grazie. Giuseppe

Gianni: Erotic , sensual show by Angelina. I am expecting Angelina to participate in more shows because she is super sexy , she knows what she is doing and she knows how to entertain...Gianni

darius: Condivido esattemente le considerazioni espresse da Gianni su Angelina riguardo la sensualità di questa modella che sa entrare in sintonia con i suoi ammiratori e con le altre modelle. il suo corpo ha linee molto belle, i suoi fianchi, in particolare, sono sensualissimi ed è bello il suo viso. Sono tra i suoi più affezionati ammiratori, pur restando Isadora la mia preferita. darius

ON THE BEACH | Isadora, Lisa, Yoko


Thursday, 13th Jul 2017


Alain: I like Lisa's smile. I am exhausted of all the love I give to the great dominant Yoko. Isadora! With or without panties, I like the way you show your beautiful body! And when you open your legs, I applaud. And leave me a wonderful memory of this beautiful Copacabana beach in New York, it's unexpected! The fantastic work of the ETV team with our loves in total tanning and especially the superbly erotic crotch. Congratulations.

Giuseppe: I know that on this page I'm a bit exaggerated because too many messages carry my name. But how can I not write something about my beloved Yoko and of course the nice colleagues Isadora and Lisa. Naturally, if we had seen this show a few months ago, we would have written extraordinary words on courage and generosity of cameramen and models. But having seen the explicit show of the last month, we may say we have seen a soft show. And excluding the last few minutes we can also say that my beloved Yoko was the most pudic and reserved. But considering what I wrote a few days ago: for me, it is enough for her presence and her sparkling eyes to illuminate immensely. So tonight I can say I saw a fabulous show. And tonight I have to thank TEAM for having reserved a special treatment for my message. Among the many messages one of the few beds and commented by my beloved. So thank you again for ETV for a special evening Giueppe

Original post: So che in questa pagina ho un po esaggerato perché troppi messaggi portano il mio nome. Ma come posso non scrivere qualcosa sulla mia adorata Yoko e naturalmente le simpatiche colleghe Isadora e Lisa. Naturalnente se avremmo visto questo show qualche mese fa avremmo scritto eccezionali parole sul coraggio e la generosità dei cameramen e delle modelle. Ma avendo visto gli espliciti show dell'ultimo mese potremmo dire di aver visto uno show soft, Ed escludendo gli ultimi minuti possiamo anche dire che la mia adorata Yoko è stata la più pudica e riservata. Ma considerando quello che ho scritto qualche giorno fa: per me, basta la sua presenza e i suoi scintillanti occhi ad illuminare d'immenso. Cosi anche questa sera posso dire di aver visto un favoloso show. E questa sera devo anche dire grazie TEAM per aver riservato un trattamento speciale al mio messaggio. Tra i tanti messaggi uno dei pochi letti e commentato dalla mia adorata. Cosi grazie ancora ETV per una speciale serata. Giuseppe

TURKISH BATH. ... SUPER show super modelle

Giuseppe/Albert wall/Gianni

Wednesday, 12th Jul 2017


Giuseppe: Congratulations to the three super models each one given the maximum. All he could give The given. And an Angelina compliment for her new P ... y look. I like it a lot. Giuseppe This was the usual message that, as usual, was not transmitted. But tonight I do not protest and I'm not disappointed because if there is a culprit that is me. I was so excited by the show that when I felt obliged to send some compliments to the fantastic show I was missing, only 15 minutes at the end of the show. And when I sent him missing only 10 minutes at the end, so mea culpa mea max culpa, Angelina tonight chose kindness and sweetness to gain the trust of the models. And I think this is the right Angelina because all she does is sweet, gentle, and infinite love for her work. And for her I must also add a special compliment to her new P ... Y look. In 8 years, maybe more than ETV I think it is the first time we delight us with a bit of image as nature did. I like it so much and I hope that at least support this image up to its tomorrow's show so I can see her even better. And I already use it today to anticipate her most spontaneous and sincere wishes that my heart can do. ... Then wax Isadora. That even if she do not want to show her gorgeous breasts freely, I think, is more a choice than representing her character than her real shyness. But tonight we can not complain because besides his side B we knew pretty well, he also wanted to delight us with his extraordinary side A. And this also I think his first time that with his reluctance has given us the tune to be able to admire her . And finally, Gionna. I wanted to leave her last. The newest and perhaps the youngest, but certainly the most courageous of ETV. Its full Mediterranean beauty, its limpid and beautiful dark eyes, its harmonious and perfect body in the right size to satisfy every taste. Finally, her natural, spontaneous way, and if it is necessary to tackle any pose, every image Angelina or the needs of the show demand have led her to love her already at her first show. And if she will give us the gift to stay with us. I am sure, she will be the perfect model admired by all those who love and admire ETV. Thank you all. Giuseppe

Original post: Questo era il solito messaggio che come al solito non e stato trasmesso. Ma questa sera non protesto e non ne sono deluso poiché se c'è un colpevole quello sono proprio io. Ero cosi preso dallo show che quando ho sentito doveroso mandare dei complimenti per il fantastico show che vedevo mancavano solo 15 minuti alla fine dello show. E quando lo inviato ne mancavano solo 10 di minuti alla fine, cosi mea culpa mea massima culpa, Angelina questa sera ha scelto la gentilezza e la dolcezza per conquistarsi la fiducia delle modelle. E credo che questo sia la giusta angelina perchè tutto quello che lei fà, è: Gentilezza, dolcezza e amore infinito per il suo lavoro. E per lei devo anche aggiungere un complimento speciale per il suo nuovo P...Y look. In 8 anni, forse più di ETV credo che sia la prima volta che ci delizia con un po di immagine come natura la fatta. Mi piace tanto e spero che almeno sostenga questa immagine fino al suo show di domani per poterla ammirare ancora meglio. E approfitto già oggi per anticiparle i miei auguri più spontanei e sinceri che il mio cuore può fare. … Poi cera Isadora. Che anche se ormai non volerci mostrare il suo splendido seno liberamente, credo, è più una scelta che rappresenta il suo personaggio che una sua reale timidezza. Ma questa sera non possiamo lamentarci perché oltre al suo lato B che ormai conoscevamo abbastanza bene, ha voluto deliziarci anche con il suo straordinario lato A. E anche questo credo la sua prima volta che con relativa disinvoltura ci ha datto il tenpo per poterla degnamente ammirare. E infine, Gionna. Ho voluto lasciare per ultima lei. La più nuova e forse la più giovane, ma di certo la più coraggiosa di ETV. La sua piena mediterranea bellezza, i suoi limpidi e bellissimi occhi scuri, il suo armonioso e perfetto corpo nella misura giusta da soddisfare ogni gusto. Infine il suo modo naturale, spontaneo e se occorre coragioso di affrontare ogni posa, ogni immagine che Angelina o le esigenze dello show richiedomo hanno portato ad amarla già al suo primo show. E se ci farà il regalo di rimanere con noi. Sono certo, sarà la modella perfetta ammirata da tutti coloro che amano e ammirano ETV. Grazie a tutti. Giuseppe....

Albert wall: I am less taken by etv because Ifind the show too much theatrical and played. I don't like the nude in itself but I like interaction, couples and group show, more explicit of the standard of etv. Not porn, but not only tease. And hate dance show!! Well, The turkish bath with Angelina Isadora and Gionna was a great show. Angelina is the soul of eroticism, she is the lovely mistress of the show. Her eyes have the fire of sensuality. I loved this show. Albert wall

Gianni: Turkish bath show with Angelina, Gionna and Isadora.. explicitly erotic yet exceptionally beautiful... more shows like this please with these beautiful young models...also 1 hour is not enough for a beautiful show like this. thanks Etv and Angelina,Gionna,Isadora for this show .. as a long time VIP member I want more matrix shows miminum 10 minutes each with existing models and with the former models also you can upload some old videos because there are lots of videos that we forgot, we want to watch them again they were so erotic . 1 hour show for one day is not enough for many of etv lovers and members I believe... Gianni



Monday, 10th Jul 2017


Anounymos: Matrix is a great idea !!I agree with you. You can see beautiful and sexy girl !!! I sow again Jeit , Tallona , Dacota, Lara ... Obviusly Lauren Perhaps ETV can add old videos with Ava and Mashiara in matrix , and publish other old videos from Archive !!

THE BIG BANG PARTY | Gionna, Janeen, Laura, Samantha, Yoko


Monday, 10th Jul 2017


Joseph_fr: This evening is a monument of tenderness, caresses, smiles, crotches offered, everything to satisfy our eyes greedy of an eroticism ever stronger! Janeen started a very natural yoga workout. Gionna preferred the bed to try to escape her desire to show her beauties. But Samantha joined her and proved she was the queen of witches to awaken the desires of viewers! Then Yoko and Laura wanted to show Janeen that they were super sexy! I understood that she preferred to satisfy the wishes of my friend. I would give them a Russian kiss. see you soon. For another evening full of smiles.