Stephan/Mario/Max/Alain/dominik from austria...

Thursday, 25th May 2017


Stephan: Great show from both. I like the artistic element in this show performed by bodypainting. Isadora presented us a sexy performance full of - more or less accidental - peeks on her spectacular body. And Yoko belongs to the Hall-Of-Fame-Of-Nudity, if this would exist, to my opinion. The blindfold-sequences were an exciting idea, also. Last but not least I would like to appreciate the excellent camera work, once again. - Greetings Stephan :D

Mario: it is hot show thank you girls and ETV

Max: Isadora The Best Max

Alain: I had a lot of fun conversing with all the nice ladies in this window with 3 skylights. But I shed a tear of emotion, seeing Yoko and Isadora having fun as before. Ha!! the memories ...

dominik from austria: good morning etv please can you bring the Show with the sweet yoko and isadora in the videohall faster. i must work , i miss yoko so much!! she is so beautiful!! welcome dear isadora!! love greetings dominik from austria

Alain: Virginia, back from holiday, cooperated perfectly with Janeen, to perpetuate the high level of Janeen's humor . But Janeen has a serious job for several weeks. Virginia could replace it, I think? One more secret in ETV? of course. 

Alain:Samantha & Sellena, you wear so beautiful pearl necklaces. You are wonderful. I fell asleep, my eyes full of your charms.

Amir: Thanks for this show with these two beautiful ladies . The best Show so far of the Triptych Serie . We wait for more shows from beautiful Sellena Thanks Amir

Gilles: Thanks a lot for the two nice girls, it was a pleasure to see Isadora again. Gilles

Giuseppe: Dear ETV WALL friends from where i'm are at work (Navigation in the Baltic Sea) I can not see anything about your videos and especially about your live shows. But I can see LOUNGE and RECEPITION. It's not all but it helps me to feel a bit close to you all. I missed the TRIPTYCH of Yoko and Isadora But to read your comments I realized that Yoko and Isadora did not fail the expectations that nobody gave us. So I also dedicate my greetings and compliments to them: Bella Yoko and Mystic Isadora, I could not see your live show, but I'm sure you have done a great job together, and wait for your show to be in video for To recover the emotions I lost last night. I'm sure you have always been extraordinary as always. ... And now if ETV WALL allows me: I would like to dedicate these words to my Friend Dominik: With a little delay I responded to your friendly and pleasant message. (I do not know if I saw my answer because it is now on the second page of the WALL). And as with the BIG BANG PARTY N ° 2, please also support nor Angel Yoko in my name, in your messages, in the BIG BANG of Saturday night so even if I'm not with you. There will be my thoughts and your support. Thank you Dominik. Thanks ETV and Thank you ANGEO BIONDO for what you are. And for what you represents for us. Hugs to all. Giuseppe

ETV SHOW | THE OLD BITCHES | Angelina, Janeen, Sellena


Thursday, 25th May 2017


Alain: it was a very funny show. with Laughs. Kind regards


Alain/Boldi and Friends

Wednesday, 24th May 2017


Alain: Nickie, Rihanna, Audrey, Angelina: 3000 kiss again, thanks for your wonderful clips. As Jacques Brel, I miss You, Janeen. You don't want to escape from your black tunnel? There would be more fun to come back in light. Bye Bye. See you soon. P.S. Would Franceska be welcome?

Boldi and Friends: All shows was good, but the Madonna Show from Audrey was the best, with real hot erotic, special thanks on Audrey, Boldi and Friends



Sunday, 21st May 2017


Mario: thank you for all girls and thank you very much ETV and i wait janine for show the Wednesday THE OLD BITCHE with you and angelina and sellena and old girl thank you very muchhhhhhh beautiful show thank you ETV.

Joseph_fr: all my beloved women have satisfied my funny fantasies! Many thanks to Audrey, Mikeila, Nickie, Sellena, Yoko, Janeen and Angelina. see you soon.



Sunday, 21st May 2017


WK: Great to see Isadora back on the schedule. I hope for a few things: That the studio is decluttered a bit, that the bed has white sheets, that the studio is decorated in some bright colours to brighten it up, and that Isadora continues in the way she was in her last two live appearances, so hot, so liberated, so revealing, and so very sexy and enjoyable :) WK

Gianni:  Beautiful Isadora is back. I hope she will stay long this time... welcome back Angel Isadora... Gianni

Brad: welcome back Isadora. I miss you sweetie.please don't live us this time,cant wait to see your shows kisses Brad.


Cappa: A dream comes true: Isadora is back! She is so beautiful girl. Cappa

Stephan: Great news on this Monday morning. ISADORA IS BACK in the live shows! :D Isadora describes this perfectly in one of her shows a few weeks ago saying: "Sometimes changes are good". Yes, Isadora. It is. :D As for me I must admit, that I'm not so often in live shows. But on this occasion I will. :D - Greetings Stephan

Gilles: Thank you ETV for having programmed two shows with Isadora, I am really very happy to see again my preferred Model. Gilles

Antonio: Yes stunning Isadora is back and I am back now I will wait for her shows,love you isadora. Antonio

Max: Isa, Facci sognare Max

Andreas: So fortunate to see you. Always an event. Always present. Our dear " Shooting Star ". Such an impact. Andreas

Maro the French: Hello everybody, A very good news attracted my attention a few days ago to know finally to read this magic name ISADORA for a show. As I have often said, I prefer the shows with a single model and to be honest in recent weeks I have not adhered to the shows offered that is always with the same models. Of course this is my own opinion. So it was with pleasure that I saw that Isidora dared two live shows and especially Sunday a live show of two hours alone. The last shows of Isidora were very surprising because against all odds she dared to reveal to us without any modesty all the most intimate parts of her sublime body. I hope, of course, that she is always in the same spirit and that she takes pleasure in overcoming her timidity by revealing herself freely and totally to our delight. Shows with a single model create a direct link to the model and the viewers. The model carries the show alone and it can not cheat. Now Isadora can offer us all even the most classic shows seen and reviewed. We are waiting for the hottest version of Isadora with its carism and beauty we miss. We hope the team to the top for this return In the meantime, Isadora, to see you very soon and how far you can push your limits without censorship 1000 Kisses Maro the French

albert wall: Isadora is so beautiful and simple that at a point you think: why am I here? she is doing a bath, it is so intimate and beautiful, private. I don't think this is erotic. Isadora, take care of your sweet young beauty, as you do. are not a soft porno star, are a young beautiful woman. a kiss, take care of you. albert wall

maximilano: fantastic Isadora is back. I also like single or two model shows... more than two model shows are not my cup of tea. I can't wait to see Isadoras shows. I hope she will be brave and give us a pure erotic shows with her pure beauty and thanks ETV for bring her back...maximilano

Anonimus: i am so happy that she is back. I love you Isadora...

Stephan: What is better than a ETV-Lady? - Actually nothing, unless a WET ETV-Lady. :D A few minutes ago I saw the recent Reserved Experience from Isadora. It's a nice idea to perform a slowly progressing striptease "under water". The way, Isadora undresses the stockings, for example, is breath-taking. All in all the 45 minutes flew by. The camera work is very good, also. We see many zoomed scenes presenting a little macro-show, so to say. And this prooves once again, that Isadora's body is a wonderland of beauty and aesthetics. I could hardly believe, that she is only for two years with us in ETV. It seemed to me, that she is much longer here, because she is so well-known, beloved and familiar. In any case I'm happy about that. :D Isadora has a special mix of tenderness, friendliness and shyness, which makes longing for the next performance. And so this time. I can't wait for her live-shows on Thursday and Sunday. :D I hope very much, that Isadora's shows will become a regular part in the weekly schedules, again. - Greetings Stephan



Sunday, 21st May 2017


Joseph_fr: I participated in the show and I'm sure the theory fell into a black hole. Invisible! the Party was full of tenderness.I had the great pleasure of sending messages to the wonderful Nickie and the beautiful Mikeila. Nickie's training and Mikeila's spanking were shown. The first time in the new house. The novelty was the nightingale hidden in Sonja's throat. Fantastic singer. Mikeila was amazed at this feat. Angelina was there. she is always the best moderator. Thank you.

alcesettanta9: Dear Team, I really appreciated this party, the three girls were collaborative and engaging. The final part Sonja made me crazy. I hope to see her frequently. ...shows start time is a bit early for me! alcesettanta9

THE RELATIVITY THEORY | tomorrow they explain the big bang

Joseph_fr/ETV team

Friday, 19th May 2017


Joseph_fr: Dr Einstein explained that the light speed is the same in every universe. In ETV, the erotic light is governed by the wishes. Therefore, the price should be equal to the weight of the light's grain. i.e nothing. Many grains will be required to speed up the candle's flame and its light! can you confirm the wishes will be free?

ETV team: The messages will be free of charge



Thursday, 18th May 2017


Giuseppe: After the overwhelming big bang. Well returned a bit of peace in the studio. 2 of ETV's most beautiful eyes. And a dream body compliment Lisa for your beauty and your courage and compliments ETV. AND SPECIAL COMPLIMENTS CAMERAMENS. .. ..These words are the first part of the message I sent .... I can not tell Lisa. I can not tell the Studio. I can not tell the special Cameramens: But it's all a set of harmony and beauty. A model alone. It's just the show that I love and promote on all shows. The attention of the studio and us viewers all on one model. And this attention. LISA paid it in full. The timid and reserved LISA exploded in a performance of great courage and generosity. Even more appreciated. Because even though sometimes his eyes are still shaken, he has never been taken away from the camera's invasion. I'm not a woman and I do not know how to find the courage to have a few centimeter camera that scans and explores us. Congratulations to Lisa. Certainly, from this evening on the merits of the brave models of ETV. For this evening, only one criticism. I joke is not a criticism but a great compliment. I hope that the decision to reduce this great show to a 30 or 45 minute video is a real waste of work and beauty because even in 90 or 120 minutes it would be difficult to concentrate everything that this evening, Lisa and ETV have given us. And of course a justified hope. That next week will give the models and we who love your models, that there is a show of a model for each week as this is an ever-present show of a model that can receive and respond to our messages this time for a fee and So to be repeated indefinitely because beautiful things never tire. And then how could I live without the sweet answers of Yoko to my messages And just waiting to see the individual shows of Nancy and Yoko I hug you and thank you all Giuseppe.

Original post: Qeste parole sono la prima parte del messaggio che ho mandato.... non posso dire a Lisa. Non posso dire allo Studio. Non posso dire ai Cameramens: Ma è tutto un insieme di armonia e bellezza. Una modella da sola. E' proprio lo show che io prediliggo e promuovo su tutti gli show. L'attenzione dello studio e di noi spettatori tutto su una sola modella. e questa attenzione. LISA la rpagata in pieno. la timida e riservata LISA è esplosa in una performance di grande coraggio e generosità. Ancora di più da apprezzare. Perché anche se nei suoi occhi alle volte si legge ancora un po di timidezza non si è mai sottratta alla invadenza della telecamera. Io non sono una donna e non so come si possa trovare il coraggio di avere una telecamera a pochi centimetri che ci scruta e ci esplora. Ancora complimenti a Lisa. Di certo, da questa sera a pieno merito tra le coraggiose modelle di ETV. Per questa sera una sola Critica. Io scherzo non è una critica ma un grande complimento. spero che la decisione di ridurre questo grande show a un video di 30. o 45 minuti sia un vero spreco di lavoro e di bellezza poiché anche in 90 o 120 minuti sarebbe difficile concentrare tutto quello che questa sera, Lisa ed ETV ci hanno regalato. E naturalmente una giustificata speranza. Che dalla prossima settimana dare la possibilità alle modelle e a noi che amiamo le vostre modelle, che ci sia uno show di una modella per ogni settimana come questo uno show sempre individuale di una modella che possa ricevera e rispondere Ai nostri messaggi questa volta a pagamento e cosi da ripetere all'infinito perché le cose belle non stancano mai. e poi come potrei vivere senza le dolci risposte di Yoko ai miei messaggi E proprio nella attesa di vedre gli individuali show di Nancy e di Yoko vi abbraccio e vi ringrazio tutti Giuseppe

Joseph_fr: Lisa, I really like your style and I fell in love with your charms. 1000 kisses, Thank you. and I like the Giuseppe viewpoint. Grazie. furthermore, I enjoy the best report provided by ETV TEAM about the house furniture. Giuseppe, there is no worse blind than he who does not want to see. And I had this disease too. Precisely, an optimization of the moon's views with its staircase that allows to get closer will create the tasty movie that ETV will produce. You will review the moon at night and see Lisa's magnificent moon. Remember also that Lisa's house has safety lights when you do not want to see anything. Patience and length of time are better than strength and courage. Do you want Lisa to play the piano with 2 hands and 2 feet? It will take 4 hands at least to listen to Mozart and Chopin. With 2 feet on the pedals, and a soprano. then the 3 ladies you talk about would please you have a nice day.

Giuseppe: Caro joseph-fr. Of course I appreciate your sharing of my thoughts in the first part of your message. But forgive my ignorance, (I say with no irony) as I have read several times and I have also pledged to translate it into Italian and I think I understand every word. But I have in no way been able to understand the meaning of the second part of the message. It seems to me that you do not share my claim to something I do not know. I have expressed gratitude, appreciation and compliments for everyone. And no pretensions as you seem to me to understand. Maybe my bad translation has some mistakes that make my mind unintelligible. In this case if you are in patience and you really want to understand the meaning of what I meant to translate into your account my original message in Italian. I always put my original message for this, because I know of the mistakes I often make in English translation. I would be grateful if you answered me with more understandable words. And in particular I will be grateful to ETV WALL if it publishes or makes you have this message and your answer. A hug Joseph. ... Private to ETV I know that it is not normal practice to communicate directly between us as ETV WALL. But I would like Josef Fr to read this message and to give me an answer to my doubts about what he wrote after reading my message on. << Immense Lisa >>. However, I thank you, Giuseppe

KlausNi: So ETV, please, please, please give viewers who didn´t have time on thursday the possibility to see the complete raw material. I am sure, Guiseppe is right. It will be waste of time to reduce material. Other idea: Upload both versions to Video Hall: 1. The raw material and 2. The finalized Video Clip. Kind regards KlausNi

Joseph_fr: Dear friend, I am in love with Yoko and I wanted to marry her. But she prefers to care for her pets and wants to maintain a relationship with your emotions. I also shared a glass of beer with Nancy. As Lisa charmed me in her show with the piano, I think they could make music together, since Yoko can sing "in the rain with an umbrella". It's a joke of mine to talk about the girl's moon! i means the girls seat. Well, as far as the moon is concerned, this is the night effect on me when the sun sets. you don't remember the stair case? I don't want to disclose the secrets that i understood. I will explain to my friend Alain (till now in holidays) that all details will be in the ETV movie. He will be happy to create new clips, as he did in the past, in a fair & sexy competition with the others creators of wishes. Please ETV team, could it be the next week?

P.S. Dear friend, I think you could replace "magnificent moon" by "Magnifico posteriore" (which is postérieur magnifique in French). Sometimes the woman seat is so round that its looks like a moon, the poetic word. Put a dot before "have a nice day" and your translator should be O.K. Kind regards.

Giuseppe: Thank you joseph-fr. Thank you ETV WALL Giuseppe

KlausNi: Hi ETV team, who ever will decide: Please upload the raw material of last thursday to Video Hall, too. Lisa is one of the most beautiful models of the last 2 years. I am sure there will be much viewers who will enjoy to see the raw material again or for first time. Kind regards KlausNi

Video production session on Thursday with Lisa

KlausNi/ETV Team

Thursday, 18th May 2017


KlausNi: As always: it will be too early for me to see Live stage. So I hope this show can be seen as soon as possible in Video Hall. What is the basic idea ? Shall viewers sent new parts of the script while the show is running ? Kind regards KlausNi

ETV Team: There will be a video production session on Thursday with Lisa. The goal is to produce 30-45 minutes video with her being alone in the studio. Most likely it will takes more than 3 hours to shoot. After the postproduction the video will be published as a movie in the Video hall only. However the making process of the entire session will be broadcasted life on our Live Stage. The viewers will be able to see how it is done. And not only see but everyone can send messages during the session with ideas and thoughts for free. All the action, the rehearsals, the breaks, the wrong takes and the variations of each scene will be visible in sort of behind the scenes live broadcast. The video feed will be taken directly from the main camera that shoots the real raw video footage. Occasionally there will be some other angle cameras too. The goal is to engage all the loyal friends of etv in the process of creating the movie. In this way when the real product appears in the video hall everyone who has watched the open making session will know how the video is made. Participating in the open making life session does not include free access to the video product when it is released in the Video hall. The open video production live coverage and the video release of the edited movie are two separate products. The open video session is only for the real fans and friends who are interested to see the hidden details of the long video production process

Joseph_fr: I wonder how to participate positively if I don't have an idea of the movie's script. A day with Lisa to follow how she prepares to receive her lover will have more charm than her deep anxieties and eccentricities when she learned of her husband's death in combat. I wonder if we can suggest a road map where the destination would be on a cloud, allowing us to invent wonderful inns and virtual means of transportation. I think these questions should be defined before the show, please. Thank you.

ETV Team: We are not expecting movie script from you. You can participate with suggestions and ideas for the show by sending messages. 

Hi Erotic Fans


Thursday, 18th May 2017


Paulander: In the hall are two very hot single Videos from Mikeila 58Min and Laura 61Min, the last single shows in the hall are very hot erotic in a good performance with very low Censorship, a present for real erotic fans, i can not believe that this is from ETV, compliment fore the Girls to this hot Show and thanks for the Regie, Paulander

Luciano: I agree with Paulander, the show by Laura and Michaela were great. As you know I have been a good client for long time, and I am still a good client, for me is important to see the girls naked as muc is possible, and to have comunication with the girls, I believe that wish show was better then the new show. This is my opinion, but I believe that mostly of viewer don'have woman, they are alone, we need that the girls are our friend, and they are like that, but we need also sex. Luciano

Reserved Experience Isadora, Roshana


Wednesday, 17th May 2017


Planplan: Nice to see again this show. As beautiful as I remembered it. I hope will see Isadora very soon in new shows. Planplan

Max: Spettacolo meraviglioso Isadora la migliore modella della storia di Etv, Lei è la regina. Quando la rivedremo? Max

Stefano: Salve roshi negli spettacoli con isadora e' stata meravigliosa una vera bomba sexy...tornera' presto a fare live show??? X me e' la numero 1 di etv senza dubbio.... Saluti Stefano

Anonimus: The 2 reserved Shows are the best erotic Shows Roshana and Isadora did. Can we have more Shows of them, they are a good Team.

Andreas: Many thanks to the ETV team for uploading earlier presentations of "My Shooting Star". I hope she will soon graduate from her psychology studies and start receiving clients. I shall be the first one. Receiving so much energy and motivation seeing her. Andreas

Max: Buona sera Quando è previsto il prossimo spettacolo di Isadora? Rispondete per favore Max

AlanSuer: That is really great stuff. AlanSuer

G: Please, new regular shows with Isadora, she is fantastic! G

Stephan: Congratulations Isadora, Roshana and ETV to this Reserved Experience. It is one of my favourite videos, I've seen here so far. Let me explain my opinion. :D First of all Isadora and Roshana offer us a big surprise regarding their explicitness in this video. Both show more of themselves than ever before. I've hoped this, but I haven't expected this, actually. Furthermore I think, that they fit together very well performing a show, because they have a congenial way to present each others sensuality. This way is tastefull, sophisticated and progressing very slowly. And that is exactly the way, I like it. :D So this video is a masterpiece to my opinion. I recommend to see this. And expect the unexpected. :D Greetings - Stephan

s: isadora un altro pianeta.complimenti.s

The Old Bitches

Boldi and Friends/dominik from austria/Phil of France/Tendertony/Joseph_fr

Wednesday, 17th May 2017


Boldi and Friends: Super show, crazy, funny, nice and with some hot erotic parts, all in a good combination, the best show from this new series, Boldi and Friends

dominik from austria: good morning etv,i am agree with boldi.i sent yesterday to the Girls the message,that this Show is the best!!! and i say once again,that was the best Show,the funniest,also sensual!!! janeen is always so funny and nice!! really great!! thank you angelina,sellena and specially janeen the crazy Lady!! love greetings dominik from austria

Phil of France: Very good show yesterday on evening !! The three models were the best that ETV can to propose for her sensuality. I think three models is the good number. More is not necessary. With 3 models it's possible to be concentrated (focused) a longer time on a model. Janeen is very very exciting. Yesterday, she was naked from the beginning to the end of the show excepted few minutes. Sometimes she is naturaly very hot ... Hum !! But, Sellena and Angelina are also very hot often !! I hope soon other show like this show !!! Phil of France.

Tendertony: Great show, not only because my wish was fulfilled pretty prompt and in a way which couldn't be done better. Why not always like this? :-) Pity only that my thanking-note appeared on the screen and few seconds later the broadcast was cut off. So I have to do it here again: That was more than I expected and the girls gave me a heart attack! It was a special joy to see Sellenas face melting away in pleasure and desire. But also other scenes were hot ! Thanks to Sellena, Angelina and Janeen. (Sorry to say, but I didn't miss Tia) Cheers Tendertony

Joseph_fr: this show was extraordinary with our three cherished ladies, hyperactive. Viewers like me have supported the pace of their erotic fantasies. I noticed that my short sms are read faster on screen to contribute to their teasing. Censorship? Wao no! It is the sorting of sms to build the most erotic show of the Old Bitches. Thanks to the ETV team who switches the sms wonderfully.

THE BIG BANG PARTY - 3 | Angelina, Janeen, Mikeila, Nickie, Rihanna, Sonja, Sellena, Sarantcha

Joseph_fr/albert wall/KlausNi/repus37

Monday, 15th May 2017


Joseph_fr: This show won an significant record: 8 models on stage!  I thank all the fairies: they have satisfied all fancies of the viewers in an exceptional eroticism. Sarantcha was the wonderful clown that Snoopy successfully revealed as a good yoga teacher and a beautiful dancer. Congratulations. Kiss for all, specially for Angelina.

albert wall: please do an effort, broadcast video! thank you. albert wall

repus37: das war eine der besten shows der letzten zeit,weiter so mädels, ihr seid auf dem richtigen weg.

Wish show Lisa


Monday, 15th May 2017


KlausNi: A few weeks ago I saw Lisa first. From the first moment I was sure that I can see in her face for more than an hour. She is so beautiful. Then I saw her in Triangle Matrix and could see that she allows us to see all parts of her fantastic body. Now I saw her Wish show. Up to this moment Angelina, Tia, Lauren, Dacota were my absulute favourit models. Now I must say - for my personal taste - Lisa has the same level. I would like a show of Lisa once a week. Kind regards KlausNi

The Big Bang Party - 2

Amir/dominik from austria/Mario/Albert/ETV/Albert wall/Tendertony

Saturday, 13th May 2017


Amir: Thank you etv ! Again a very hot show with lot of kisses and interaction . It was very pleasant to see the beautiful sellena back in the team . Thanks all the girls for their performance last night particularly laura & Sellena for their chemistry . Amir

dominik from austria: dear etv,and dear sweet sweet yoko,thank you so much for the wonderful evening,yoko you means a lot for me, i like you so much and i like also Giuseppe,he writes always so nice words to you,he is a gentle,you both are my new friends!! i wish you yoko all the best and love greetings to Giuseppe!! dominik from austria

Mario: Тhank you very much, it is beautiful show, thank you ETV.

Albert: Please, video!

ETV: For us this show was better than the first Big Bang show. It was funnier and hotter. Again and may be for the last time we will make an imidiate release of the video. Have fun!

Albert wall: amazing show, funny, erotic, light, sensual and elegant. Three hours of pleasure. Thanks to all girls and in a special way to Angelina and Laura to follow me in my wishes, I was very pleaased. Please, do not come back from this wonderful way, don't be afraid from the amazing eroticism you can create. thank you albert wall

Tendertony: Dear all, what a nice show! Although my wish was only fulfilled half (why was it just replaced by the next message when Janeen started to read it, so she knew only about the first part?) I must say that it was a good and hot, sensual show. All girls were great, sometimes I only felt Lisa a bit neglected... And thanks, team, to release the video that fast again! I just read "maybe for the last time that quick"? Is it so much effort to have it done that fast? Would be a pity, but of course that's your decision. Main thing is that we get to see a video at all from these marvellous shows. No matter if 3 or 4 weeks later. And.... I was very pleasantly surprised that Sellena will join tonight again! Perhaps there can be even another improvement from BigBang 2 to Big Bang 3 show...? I hope I can contribute with an interesting hot wish ;-) Cheers Tendertony

Anonymous: Hi, OK, these shows are goods. But pleace, say to cameramen... Stop shaking the cameras !!! We see nothing, and, at the end, we've got sea-sick. I waiting the new shows. Sorry for Yoko, i think these sort of shows are too hot for her. May you can choose other models like Tia, Samantha or Nancy. My dream team? Tia, Nancy, Angelina, Samantha, Sellena (Great), Laura, Mikeila, Janeen. Suggestion: 2 big bang shows by week... or more... Regards.

giuseppe: Dear Dominik from Austria. I apologize if only today I have noticed your message with pleasure. In addition, at a time I saw the video on Friday night with our beautiful Yoko that I could not see live. And even in the video I was pleasantly surprised to see that in your messages you remembered me, and console Yoko for my absence. Your message on the wall is very nice. And trying to figure out the moment I wrote to him, even here a nice combination at the same time I was flying by plane and I wrote a few words of you and Yoko, which I can not tell you now but I think in a few days you will understand I thank you for giving me your friendship and with pleasure to spare with mine. And this is also the great ETV magic that manages to create the noble feeling of friendship between people you do not know and never will be able to meet. So we thank ETV. And, my friend's courage, we support and admire together this wonderful flower that ETV and nature have given us to give us emotions and make some hours of our life pleasant, a warm greeting to giuseppe