Sunday, 19th Nov 2017


Joseph_fr: About Selena: Called Luna by the Romans, Selena and Artemis by the Greeks, and many other names in other mythologies.The Moon, of course, has been known since prehistory. It is the second most object after the sun. While moon orbits around the Earth, the angle between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun changes, which is observed under the lunar cycle. The period between two successive new moons is 29.5 days (709 hours), a little different from the orbital period of the moon (with the stars as references) since the Earth moves a significant distance around the sun during this period. the phasis "dark" or "black" is today.This is an appointment which will be missed. The moon is sub-priced today. Only its invisible face is burned out by the sun. Enjoy.

Basic tasks Laura and Lisa


Saturday, 18th Nov 2017


KlausNi: The video for all viewers who wants/needs more proofs: Lisa is one of the most beautiful models ETV ever had. KlausNi

ANGELINA-MELODY.... Angelina super teacher of humanity


Friday, 17th Nov 2017


Giuseppe: It is always infinitely nice to see the sweetness of our dear Angelina as a teacher, confidant, ETV messenger. Too bad for me that with my poor English I can not understand everything Angelina says. Thank you very special model. Thanks, my dear friend. And thanks to you extraordinary woman. And thanks to the beautiful Melody. Although maybe we will not see her in your shows anymore. How beautiful it is to see a beautiful and generous brave woman is just as nice to see a pretty, timid woman who can not overcome her shame. Thanks ETV to share this part of your work with us. Maybe a little less sensual and erotic. But in return, very humane and sweet. Even though the striking angelina always finds the way to give us some moment of high sensuality. Thanks ANGELINA-ETV wonderful together. Giuseppe.

Original post: E sempre infinitamente bello vedere La dolcezza della nostra cara Angelina nel ruolo di maestra, confidente, messaggera di ETV. Peccato per me che con il mio misero inglese non riesco a capire tutto quello che Angelina dice. Grazie speciale modella. Grazie mia cara amica. E grazie straordinaria donna. E Grazie anche alla bella Melody. Anche se forse Non la vedremo più nei vostri show. Come è bello vedere una bella donna coraggiosa e generosa è altrettanto bello vedere una bella donna sincera, timida che non riesce a vincere il proprio pudore. Grazie ETV per condividere con noi anche questa parte del vostro lavoro. Magari un po meno sensuale ed erotico. Ma in cambio, molto umano e dolce. Anche se la strordinaria angelina trova sempre il modo di regalarci qualche momento di alta sensualità. Grazie meraviglioso assieme ANGELINA-ETV.

Alain: you decided to show us an unsuccessful screen test, to get involved in the process of finding new models. This test is a pretty shabby show in terms of eroticism. I think it's a good exercise for the cameras and for you, Angelina. This show is advertising the important work you are providing in ETV to maintain the involvement of extroverted women in ETV. Nowadays, compelling a young woman to become a naturist is impossible! Especially since naturists no longer want to show themselves publicly, because we think they are actors in the movies "+18" (you see what I mean). Erotic massages, however, are the preliminary films of a carnal relationship, so as to gradually increase desire, to ensure mutually that the ultimate pleasure will take place under sexually favorable conditions. I mean, it's the opposite of rape, as well as of the male precocity so much feared by women in love. Therefore, the mastery of these situations for the future erotic actress must be through exchanges and scenarios simultaneously progressive! So hard to be the director of the show! Melody had explained that the only time she was naked was in a group of naked people. But they were not beautiful! Angelina, my pics show that you have done massage, hugs, stretched panties, tickles feet. She smiled but she could not do the same. I will continue to support your work. Let me advise you open attitude to record the voice of the future model ETV, when she answers questions about extroverted experiences with physical massages. Good luck. Regards.



Thursday, 16th Nov 2017


TazMan: Hi ETV, I am not asking you to give away the "Surprise", but can you confirm if the show on Sunday includes Yoko and Selena, plus a "Surprise Model", or if the "Surprise" in some way relates to Selena. Thanks.

ETV: Selena is the Surprise



Wednesday, 15th Nov 2017


Joseph_fr: Where the fake was Laura. Where the funny was Laura. A show where that was Laura's game with the viewers! Where did she spend her holiday? she has traveled to 9 cities around the world, the first is a village of musicians who made her dance in the square of their villages. The second is Paris "champs élysée". the third is a museum of art with a Spanish painting evoking bullfighting as in Barcelona. Laura is painted with beautiful colors. Then she shows us a street photo from the Berlin Wall (liebe das leben). She went to Greece in Athens. She did naturism on the ruins of the Greek temples. A jump to Piazza del Duomo, Milano for books and the beautiful church! Then she was in New York, and sang like Lisa Minnelli! She was seeing people in a Soviet or Ukrainian campaign. In black and white. Full of snow and ice! you have warmed on the other side of the bosphorus, in a souk of Turkey. Each time she did a striptease to her photographer. I think he is the funny guy of this show. Laura, you had bring back to us a wonderful set of erotic clips. Thank you and ETV. Regards.

Kurt: From Russia with Love in diplomatic mission between occident and orient. In an hour from Cuba to the Emirates. I love this show with different kind of music and all the beautiful outfits. Two little faults: daylight when the lyrics have been about "Buona notte..." and I do not know if you understand the German lyrics "Verpiss Dich ..." Anyway Laura has been great by uniting all th different cultures. I am looking forward your next time here. Bolshoe sposibo tseluyetsa Laura, krasivaya devushka s zelenymi glazami. Vash chernyy korol' Kurt

Granddaddy: Laura, wunderschön Dich tanzen und Dich ausziehen zu sehen. Das erweckt Sehnsüchte, Erinnerungen an oder nach heißen Tagen und Stunden irgendwo.... ma, un giorno o altro tutte le belle hore devone purtroppe finire! C´est la vie!! Dafür gibt es Dich, süße, verführerische Laura, Dich und andere bildhübsche junge Frauen in ETV. Dank an Dich, Laura, komme oft wieder, und Dank an das ETV Team. Ich möchte die Shows nicht missen. Guenny the Granddaddy

the beautiful behind of Yoko


Monday, 13th Nov 2017


Giuseppe: Extraordinary. Unique Innovative. Fantastic Show. Extraordinary. Unique. Wonderful model. I could also finish here by joining these adjectives for the show and the model, in them they are all enclosing everything. But it is still too little. I said fantastic: And it was fantastic in the two meanings of this word. Fantastic in the beautiful and wonderful snout. But also fantastic because a show like this until this evening could only be in the fantasy and desire of each of us. And choosing Yoko to run this show is certainly the right one. No better than she knows how to move her buttocks. Let them vibrate. Coordinate movements. Separate the movements and a thousand other varieties that we could admire this evening. Of course I prefer a frotal Yoko where together we can admire her sweet face and her wonderful body. But tonight a fantastic director and master of the technicians who worked on the show, even from the back, did not miss her beautiful face often with her bright eyes close. The image of his face turned upside down in his legs is suggestive and Maestos. And in any position the camera showed us, Maestos and perfect was the curve that united his back with his legs. And Maestos was just the adjective missing to define Yoko this evening and majestically innovative and unique was the show thatYoko and ETV made this evening. The wait has been long but the beautiful Yoko has fully met this expectation. And tonight I could even say it by shouting Grazieeee ETV and Grazieeeee Bella Yoko. And thanks without shouting but almost silent I would like to say to Gianni for the words hi wrote to me that show the exquisite person you are. Giuseppe.

Original post: Straordinario. Unico Innovativo. Fantastico Show. Straordinaria. Unica. Meravigliosa modella. Potrei finire anche qua perché unendo questi aggettivi per lo show e per la modella,in essi è racchiuso tutto. Ma è comunque troppo poco. Dicevo fantastico: E fantastico lo e stato nei due significati di questa parola. Fantasico nel senzo di bello e meraviglioso. Ma fantastico anche perché uno show come questo fino a questa sera poteva essere solo nella fantasia e nel desiderio di ognuno di noi. E la scelta di Yoko per eseguire questo show è di certo la più giusta. Nessuna meglio di lei sa muovre le sue natiche. Farle vibrare. Coordinare i movimenti. Separare i movimenti e mille altre varietà che abbiamo potuto ammirare questa sera. Naturalmente io preferisco la Yoko frontale dove insieme possiamo ammirare il suo dolce viso e il suo meraviglioso corpo. Ma questa sera una fantastica regia e la maestria dei tecnici che hanno elaborato lo show, anche vista da dietro non mi hanno fatto mancare il suo bel viso spesso con i suoi luminosi occhi Ravvicinati. Suggestiva e maestosa l'immagine del suo viso capovolto immezzo alle sue gambe. E in qualsiasi posizione la telecamera ci mostrava, Maestosa e perfetta era la curva che univa la sua schiena con le sue gambe. E Maestosa era proprio l'aggettivo che mancava per definire la Yoko di questa sera e maestosamente innovativo e unico è stato lo show cheYoko ed ETV hanno realizzato questa sera. L'attesa è stata lunga ma la bella Yoko ha a pieno soddisfatto questa attesa. E questa sera potrei dirlo anche gridando Grazieeee ETV e Grazieeeee Bella Yoko. E un grazie senza gridare ma quasi sottovoce vorrei dire a Gianni per le parole che mi ai scritto che dimostrano la squisita persona che sei. Giuseppe. 

Alain: My friends, this show of our beloved Yoko was the apotheosis of the eroticism of the popo. To make this feat, she was led by the voice of her master in the ambiguous pleasures of showing her popo to the camera of his master. She laughed in advance to face her own taboos. His master recorded in black and white her hesitations. At the end of this show, you will see that his master has made a small summary, especially to show that Yoko has defeated her complexes! All in smiling ! She is part of "popogirls" like Samantha! Fantastic Yoko! I get satisfaction, do not I? Congratulations and thanks to his master and ETV.

Guenny: Yoko, Queen of Erotic, what a "behind", what a performance!! What a perfect camera!! Yoko, Du bringst mich auf ganz ungezogene Gedanken Dich so zu sehen, -- was heißt schon Gedanken....Du ahnst es wahrscheinlich. Only half an hour, but very well invested!! Erfreue uns weiter so, und freue Dich darüber, was Du den Zuschauerinnen und Zuschauern damit Gutes tust...´nuff said. You are a very beautiful, adorable, sexy young Lady. I kiss you on your shoulder, if you graciously permit. Guenny

dominik: good evening dear etv,wow yoko yoko,the clip with my sweet sunshine yoko was fantastic!! as i look in yoko eyes i saw so many warmth,so much feeling,and then as sunshine yoko smile i was the happiest man of the world!! yoko is so amazing and beautiful!! i miss you dear yoko!! i hug you your friend dominik

Leo: Usually i am not a real fan of Yoko, but this show was really great and hot, personally I'd have liked a not edited one, but I can appreciate the technical problem of acting this way. So who is next? I hope this is the beginning of a sequence, for me Samantha, Niya, Isadora if they agree, but also "the old bitches"....

Gianni: well , woman bum is a beautiful thing... I enjoyed Yoko’s show last night, it could be longer and less screen effects but it was nice overall . I Like her one leg on the platform and one leg on the floor part most. I am looking forward to see Isadora from behind,Samantha from behind, Gionna from behind, Sellena from behind,Lisa from behind and Angelina from behind. Etv can make these shows minimum 45 minutes for us ... 

Giuseppe: "Yoko from Behind" on the next day. . WALL friends just a few words to describe the sweet emotion that accompanied me all day long: It was the sweet feeling that last night The sweet and beautiful Yoko, not from the computer but from the entrance door had entered my house to bring me something beautiful and brave. And that in sweet black and white moments he spoke and laughed happy to be with me and with all those who have chosen to be with her. Still thank you beautiful woolly hair with blue hair. Thank you Angelina for your sweetness and toughness.

Original post: Dietro di Yoko il giorno dopo. Amici del WALL solo poche parole per descrivere la dolce emozione che mi ha accompagnata per tutto il giorno: E' stata la dolce sensazione che ieri sera La dolce e bella Yoko, non dal conputer ma dalla porta di ingresso fosse entrata nella mia casa a portarmi qualcosa di bello e coraggioso. E che nei dolci momenti in bianco e nero parlava e rideva felice di essere . con me e con tutti quelli che hanno scelto di essere con lei. Ancora grazie meravigliosaragazza dai capelli blù. Grazie Angelina per la tua dolcezza e comprnsione Giuseppe

ETV: One more Yoko new style video is coming later this week. We are looking for new styles and new video forms. This time there will be a Selena surprise along with Yoko.

Giuseppe: I read with joy, that at the weekend there will be a new special video with Sellena and Yoko. Please, not Saturday night. I'm in the air and then in the car to return home. I'm joking. I do not expect ETV to change its programming for me. I write this, so if see Yoko, she know that's why if there's no compliments on the wall. And I'm kind of sorry. I was waiting to put the video from the live show in Video Hall. Anyway, thank you for giving me my beautiful Yoko again. 

Original post: Ho letto con gioia, Che a fine settimana ci sarà un nuovo speciale video con Sellena e Yoko. Vi prego, non sabato sera. sono in aereo e poi in macchina. per ritornare a casa. Nautralmente scherzo. non pretendo che ETV cambia la sua programmazione per me. Scrivo questo, cosi se lo vede Yoko, sa che è per questo se non ci saranno i miei complimenti sul muro. E io con un po di dispiacere. aspettero la posa in video della diretta video. Comunque grazie per regalarci ancora una volta La mia bella Yoko. 

Laura's Tuesday 14th show


Sunday, 12th Nov 2017


Alce: Happy new week Team! and viewers. Good new to see Laura in schedule, the Green eyes of Etv. Could i write to her tuesday? Have a nice week. Alce


Alain/Gianni/Brad/Antonio/Marcus/Ada Elsa/Alex/Andreas/Giuseppe

Saturday, 11th Nov 2017


Alain: Gianni's previous show was very hot! This one, with Gionna and Isadora, seems to me more provocative and especially very daring! I had never seen Isadora with her legs open with the detail of her secret garden. I had never seen Gionna show the hidden side of her moon in all its details! Well, you will wait for this show to be in the video hall, to check it! This show started with a striptease of Gionna, with a dance of her tight panties (a string) manipulated by Isadora. Then they applied Gianni's instructions: Doggy poses, then light massage with oil. At one point in the show, Isadora bit a buttock of Gionna! The thirst made them taste an ice cream. It was a provocation! The stick reminds me of the shape of a human tube. I'm wrong, are not I? Well, the show ended with other massages of the buttocks (very erotic) with spankings. I think Gionna gave a record number of spankings to Isadora! our dear friends have smiled several times in this show that I had fun to follow! thank you, once again to Gianni. I think that Samantha and Gionna would make a good duet for an upcoming Isadora show! Kisses to Gionna and Isadora. see you soon.

Gianni: I want to thank to these lovely ,fantastic creatures Isadora and Gionna for this wonderful evening... you are amazing as always... also thanks to Angelina.Gianni

Brad: I agree to Gianni, Isadora and Gionna they look absolutely stunning. they are so sexy and beautiful girls . about the show I enjoyed 2 hours non stop erotism,my favorite part was licking ice cream show,wow that was amazing.. thanks to isadora, Gionna and Gianni for this lovely evening. 

Antonio: It’s always a pleasure to watch Isadora and Gionna together. I love the lingerie show , ice cream show and doggy poses . ETV should put this show at the video hall as soon as possible. Thanks to Gianni for giving us the opportunity to see this show. Thanks and kisses to lovely Isadora and sweet Gionna. 

Marcus: Isadora and Gionna’s ice cream part of the show was spectacular. And the way touch each other just amazing also I love the ballerina show ,Isadora is the star of etv for me. She is hot.. I like two hours shows with two models, I wish Etv makes long shows like this more often. Thanks to Gianni, Etv and of course Thanks to Isadora and Gionna for their performances ... 

Alain:I think Marcus highlights what is most important in this show! it was wonderful. King regards.

Ada Elsa: Thanks again to Gianni. To them only say that they are wonderful. Thank you for your show and impatient to see them again. Kisses and greetings from Spain.

Alex: I don’t usually write comments to the shows ,I enjoyed isadora and gionna’s reserved show very much. I agree to the other viewers, ice cream show and doggy poses were so erotic... and I like long shows like this shows must last minimum 1 hour max 2 hours. I congratulate Isadora and gionna thanks to Gianni and Bravo ETV. Regards Alex

Andreas: My "Shooting Star" Isadora and the adorable Gionna were exceptional yesterday evening. Ausgezeichnet, Spitze, GroBartig, prima, einwandfrei. So pretty and so sexy these ladies. Such an impact of vitalizing feelings. Good illumination and good camera. Thanks to Gianni. Andreas

Giuseppe: I apologize to Gianni. Then apologize to Samantha. Sellena, Isadora, Gionna. And then I still apologize to ETV. As I said earlier, I can not see the shows starting at 20.00. And so it was for Gianni's two RESERVED. From the messages I read on the wall I realized that there were 4 fantastic hours of continuous interest. So the only thing I can say is: Congratulations to all those I have named before. Hugs to all. Giuseppe

Original post: Chiedo scusa a Gianni. Poi chiedo scusa a Samantha. a Sellena, a Isadora, Gionna. E poi ancora chiedo scusa ETV. Come ho detto altre volte non riesco a vedere gli show che iniziano alle ore 20.00. E cosi è stato per le due RESERVED di Gianni. Dai messaggi che ho letto sul muro ho capito che sono state 4 fantastiche ore di continuo interesse. Cosi l'unica cosa che posso dire è: Congratulazioni a tutti coloro che ho nominato prima. Un abbraccio a tutti. Giuseppe.

Gianni: Hello,Giuseppe .I Don’t think you need to apologize from me or anybody because you didn’t do anything wrong. you just missed the shows. this happens to all of us. We all hope Etv will put these shows videos and previous reserved shows videos at the video hall as soon as they can. Regards Gianni

Aspettando dietro Yoko


Friday, 10th Nov 2017


Giuseppe: Waiting for Yoko to spin and glare us with her extraordinary beauty, And this marvelous performance happens after seven sects of her short video clip representing her Sunday night show. Thanks endless ETV to close the week with beautiful Yoko. It's only 30 minutes, but I'm sure with the class, elegance, sensuality and great beauty of Yoko. It will be 30 minutes memorable. Yoko's body: Seeing forward, seen behind it, is a wonderful statue that looks like molded. from the goddess of hypersonal beauty If then over this wonderful body the image brings us its bright and sweet faces the miracle and complete. Absolute beauty has materialized. And all this ETV's fantastic technicians did in just 14 seconds. So in 14 seconds we all have this the only 30 minutes of the show that are transformed are 1800 seconds the show, I'm sure, will be a fantastic eternity of elegance and beauty. Still thanks ETV and Grazieeeee to you sweet Yoko, divine wonder of nature. Joseph. 

Original post: Aspettando dietro Yoko che si giri e ci abbagli con la sua straordinaria bellezza, E questo meravigglioso prodiggio succede dopo 7 secomdi del suo breve video-clip che rappresenta il suo show di domenica sera. Grazie infinite ETV per chiudere la settimana con la bella Yoko. Sono solo 30 minuti, ma sono certo che con la classe, l'eleganza, la sensualità e la grande bellezza di Yoko. Saranno 30 minuti memorabili. Il corpo di Yoko: Che sia visto d'avanti, che sia visto di dietro è una meravigliosa statua cosi bella che sembra modellata. dalla Dea della bellezza ipersona Se poi sopra questo meraviglioso corpo l'immagine ci porta il suo luminoso e dolce volto il miracolo e completo. La bellezza assoluta si è materializzata. E tutto questo i fantastici tecnici di ETV lo hanno realizato in soli 14 secondi. Cosi se in 14 secondi abbiamo tutto questo i soli 30 minuti dello show che trasformati sono 1800 secondi lo spettacolo,sono certo, sarà una fantastica eternità di eleganza e bellezza. Ancora grazie ETV e Grazieeeee a te dolce Yoko, divina meraviglia della natura. Giuseppe.



Thursday, 9th Nov 2017


Max: Buona sera Gianni Confidiamo in te per lo spettacolo di domani, vogliamo una Isadora disinvolta, vogliamo vedere il suo seno, con i capelli dietro la schiena, tu puoi comvincerla Max


Alain/Gianni/Brad/dominik from austria/Antonio/Аnonymous...

Thursday, 9th Nov 2017


Alain: this show was very hot, like all those Gianni has produced! Sellena and Samantha have followed Gianni's requests. The few pics attached are a part of this show very long without any dead time! I was not bored at all. From massage sessions, spanking, to very daring yoga, not to mention the cleaning of the floor mat, everything was beautiful! kisses too! A little rest with ice creams! delicious! and they finished with the stair training. Thank you Gianni and ETV. Congratulations to Sellena and Samantha.

Gianni: thank you again beautiful Samantha and beautiful Sellena you both achieved excellent show.... also thanks to Angelina and Etv stuff ... Gianni

Brad: well , thanks to Gianni for this super erotic show .sellena liked spanking, ice cream eating with sexy tounge and massage on the other hand samantha liked everything. they performed very good show together bravo.. Brad

dominik from austria: good morning dear etv,what shall i say! wow,i love my sweet yoko,but yesterday were samantha and sellena the queens of etv!! very sensual erotic show,full of feeling!!we viewer could see that the girls had fun !! thank so much gianny that you make possible this wonderful show!! love greetings dominik from austria

Antonio: Reserved show with Sellena and Samantha, explicitly erotic yet exceptionally beautiful... I Want to see more and more shows like this please with these beautiful young models.I am glad that Sellena came back to ETV. She is beautiful, brave and funny she always smiles, she vibes positive energy to the audience.Samantha,she is always pretty and nice... Thanks to lovely Samantha and sweet Sellena and of course thanks to Gianni. Antonio

Аnonymous: Fantastic show by Samantha and Sellena wow. I prefer long shows minimum 1 hour with one model or 2 hours show with 2 models... I hope Etv will put this show to the video hall as soon as possible. thanks to Gianni ,Samantha and Sellena and Etv for this sexy show.

Marcus: I really enjoyed this show. samantha and sellena performed different kind of activities in a very sexy way . two hours passed like a wind, I didn’t blink my eyes yes. Thanks to sellena and samantha for their performances and their beauties also thanks to Gianni.. Marcus



Wednesday, 8th Nov 2017


STRIPTEASE CONTEST is over. During The Gala Night we announced the three finalists:

FIRST PLACE: Sellena | SECOND: Angelina | THIRD: Isadora



Wednesday, 8th Nov 2017


Alain: I loved this show. I should say: this gala of the 3 finalists of the contest. Do not think I'm going to tell you here who is the # 1 # 2 # 3. Maybe others will tell you. The evening began with chatter about what they had felt during these shows. Sellena was very talkative about her nakedness on the balcony of her house. I understand better his desires extrovert! each of the 3 women rebroadcast the clip that had won one of 7 shows. And, totally nude, they have redone their favorite clips. it was splendid and very hot! Angelina won the last clip of the mirror. Angelina and Isadora simulated the mirror of one by the other. a beautiful duet! and a final trio rather agitated and wonderful of energy! I will make beautiful dreams with the most applauded fairies, according to the ETV survey! congratulations & kind regards.

Andreas: Our dear "Shooting Star" Isadora, your sight such a delight, the round hips, the straight neck, nice long hair, the hypnotizing smile, a huge impact. I missed you over the past week. Always looking forward seeing this lady. Andreas

Giuseppe: Congratulations (strictly in alphabetical order) Angelina, Isadora, Sellena. I think I do not offend any of you if I say that the winner of my heart is the beautiful Yoko but only for my heart the real winners are you and I agree with all those who chose you. And embrace and kiss all three . Congratulations still to Giuseppe.......A great symbolic embrace and immense thanks to mia piccola bambina Yoko.They were my two messages sent during the show and I think they represent the full feeling of Giuseppe. My sweet angel Blù for the judgment of Giuseppe you had to be there for this gala party but we give honor to the winners and do not worry together we will try to recover our emotions lost tonight. Giuseppe

WK: damn it , missed the show, stuck in work late. OK, my thoughts on the results. For me, and from what I've seen of the girls in recent shows, not just these striptease shows Isadora and Sellena are certainly winners, and to be fair, so are the other girls. I like that in some of the shows I've seen, the levels have been raised, which is needed. If I could hope, I would hope that Isadora would continue to raise her levels further, she has a great body and has shown more in recent shows, so she can go further. I would suggest maybe a special show with Isadora and Sellena? it could be a special extra hot show, maybe paying a premium over the normal 3 credits, but it would have to be at least 1hr, to allow the girls to get into the mood, and they should certainly raise the levels over more recent shows, a special show for a premium , would have to have noticably higher levels. Maybe a special overall winners show, where both girls perform at a higher level, separately and then together, and definitely a session on the bed with open legs from both girls. WK

Guenny: Thanks ETV for this great Series and splendid idea. Thanks especially to Angelina moderating this Gala. You are the greatest asset of ETV and the shiniest diamond in the crown of ETV models. Yes, Selena, I love to see you all naked and performing pretty naughty. And, Isadora, I keep watching probably every show since I saw you first, maybe in summer 2015. I admire your beauty and highly erotic performances. Please, ladies, continue like that. I may be pretty old but the three of you and a few other of the team keep my heart young. There is still some live in the old dog. I owe you a thousand thanks. 

Ada Elsa: Congratulations to all. I particularly did not care about the winner, I had enjoyed the shows, which is what I like. A kiss for all and greetings from Spain. 

Albert wall: I saw only the end of the show, it looks very very exciting. I'm crazy for Angelina as well, and if she involves a wonder girl like Isadora in her game, well, I think it must be the top. I dream their mouths joined and body touch, and........... girls! Do a hot show together, I will be in the front line ;) 

Georgmath: Dear ETV, how did you evaluate the Round Results? Like the Olympic Games (Land A got 10 Goldmedals and 0 Silver, Land B got 9 Gold and 20 Silver -> Land A is better) or rather like Formular 1 (1. 25 Points, 2. 18 P.,...)?

ETV: We decided to count the final voting only considering the first places of the different rounds. The result in the different rounds was calculated as follows: first place – 3 points; second place – 2 points; third place – 1 point.


Tuesday, 7th Nov 2017


According to the viewers' voting the finalists so far are: 

Round 1: THE '60s  | FIRST PLACE: Angelina  | SECOND: Samantha  | THIRD: Niya 

Round 2: NOIR LIGHT | FIRST PLACE: Sellena | SECOND: Isadora  | THIRD: Samantha

Round 3: IN THE FITTING ROOM | FIRST PLACE: Sellena | SECOND: Niya | THIRD: Yoko & Isadora with equal votes

Round 4: HOME ALONE  | FIRST PLACE:  Isadora | SECOND:  Sellena | THIRD:  Niya 

Round 5: IN THE MOOD FOR JAZZ | FIRST PLACE: Sellena | SECOND: Isadora | THIRD: Yoko

Round 6: POLE DANCE | FIRST PLACE: Sellena | SECOND: Isadora | THIRD: Samantha

Round 7: MIRROR | FIRST PLACE: Angelina | SECOND: Sellena | THIRD: Isadora 

THE GREEN TRAINING Angelina, Audrey, Janeen, Volterra, Laura

Albert wall

Tuesday, 7th Nov 2017


Albert wall: Amazing show. Erotic, Hot, funny. Wow, great and sexy Angelina in Volterra and Laura threesome and stunning kiss show. Albert wall