Mario/ETV Team

Thursday, 21st Sep 2017


Mario: hello etv please I have a question in this show is what messages free or not thank you.

ETV Team: Yes, the messages during the show will be for free. 

Mario:thank you very much for answer i love etvshow.

Lauren: Private moments


Friday, 22nd Sep 2017


KlausNi: Hi ETV, very good idea. Please give us more old videos of Lauren and Gabrielle. Regards KlausNi

QUIET AND TENDER WISH SHOW | Isadora - Niya - Yoko

Alain/dominik from austria/Andreas

Thursday, 21st Sep 2017


Alain: This show was very quiet and very sensual. Yoko was the most chatty, and Isadora responded well. Niya's voice is very melodious, and her smiles have pleased me. All have charmed me by their very erotic seductions! Thank you for the way you have interpreted the wishes of viewers, including mine. Magnificent ! See you soon.

dominik from austria: dear etv ,dear yoko thanks a million for this great show.it was for everyone something there.the show was sensitive,funny and a little bit hard,the exorcism show ,the girls were in a good mood,beautiful and the sweet yoko was the besr for me. i enjoyed the show.thank you so much also angelin.her shows on monday and tuesday i can not watched, i can not trade my layer. i were sad .i wish you a nice time. see you soon.your dominik from austria

Andreas: My "Shooting Star" is so sexy with her round hips, the feminine skin but most of all her soft magnetizing smile. Watching her turns your mood always positive. It is special an event when Isadora appears, such an impact. Andreas

Angelina Samantha. specoli ragazze


Wednesday, 20th Sep 2017


Giuseppe: wonderful models. Original idea Thanks ETV 

ScratPUSSY DESIGN. Hi Sam & Angi, a horny show. I look forward to the video. Greeting scratch.

Original post: PUSSY DISIGN. Hi Sam & Angi, eine geile show. Ich freue mich auf das Video. 

Turkish bath Lisa, Audrey, Jannen

KlausNi/Albert wall

Wednesday, 20th Sep 2017


KlausNi: Es war wie immer ein Vergnügen diesen wunderschönen Körper von Lisa zu sehen. Wer ist schon so wohl proportioniert? Ich wünsche uns noch viele Shows mit ihr. KlausNi

Albert wall: Lovely shows. You are close to an hot upgrade, do a little step and you finally become the most erotic show in the web. Do it and, please, tell the cameramen and the director to be less shy! Hope in Angelina and Laura in shows like theese. Very, very good! Loved those videos. Albert wall

Mirror and Lights


Monday, 18th Sep 2017


Kurt: Bol'shoye spasibo, dorogiye damy. It has been amazing and joyfull. Moments of Hand in Hand and hands wandering down each others body are great, but looking in Your eyes directly or inderectly through the mirror have been best, Master Model Angelina and tseluyetsa Laura. Thanks for the rendez-vous. I am looking forward our next one, my dear Laura. Your Black King Kurt

Giuseppe: Angelina-Laura. Tonight your brave and special performance gives me the opportunity to be short and to express everything in a few words. And though words are often I repeat. I'm happy to do it because fortunately it is ETV with its marvelous creations to make desirable even words repeated over time. So I can close by saying everything with only 6 words: Extraordinary show. Extraordinary models. Extraordinary ETV. Giuseppe

Original message: Angelina-Laura. Questa sera la vostra coraggiosa e particolare performance mi da la possibiltà di essere breve ed esprimere tutto in poche parole. E anche se sono parole che spesso ripeto. Sono felice di farlo perché fortunatamente è ETV con le sue meravigliose creazionireni a rendere apropriate. anche le parole ripetute nel tempo. Così posso chiudere dicendo tutto con solo 6 parole: Straordinario show. Straordinarie modelle. Straordinario ETV. Giuseppe

Happy Birthday Roshana


Monday, 18th Sep 2017


Kurt: A late cheer to the sporty Blonde of the blondes. She has been an impressive and kind Lady and a face of former times on etv. No sorrows, but remembered forever. All the best for Her. Black King Kurt


Albert wall

Monday, 18th Sep 2017


Albert wall: Unforgettable, stunning. Wow!



Live Stage show- Saturday - Audrey, Isadora, Niya, Samantha


Saturday, 16th Sep 2017


WK: In two minds with this show. Yes, the shows have been much better, or at least the ones I have seen, much improved, but my mainreason to watch is Isadora, and she seems to be getting less bold, and the camerawork likewise with her. Her last solo show was a huge let down, as she stayed wearing panties way too long. in her last group show, she had so much potential, but again, it was held back, through her careful poses and the camerawork. We have all seen how good she can be, and the camerawork can be great, so if she is on form and up for putting on a hot show, and the camerwork allows good views, then it could be an excellent show, or it could be a bit tame again. We need consistency across shows and girls. Please ETV, we know Isadora listens to direction, please use the opportunity to give us all a really hot show, with Isadora pushing her limits and showing us her real jewels :) and with camerawork that allows this. thanks WK

Giuseppe: 'm sure if I ask any of you ETV or you friends WALL writers and readers. And especially to you Dominik: What was missing from Giuseppe so he could judge this perfect show. all you would suck you would answer! There was no Yoko. Certainly I missed Yoko and Nancy and according to Giuseppe ETV show's should be allYoko and Nancy. Or if you want to change, Nancy and Yoko may also be. Of course with angelina who directs everything. Of course I just wanted to joke. Yoko has been on two of the 3 shows this week and this was already a great gift. This evening was the show by Audrey, Isadora and Samanta and they were perfect home-helpers. So congratulations to Audrey, Isadora and Samantha and to ETV. A dear hug to all. Giuseppe

Original post: Sono certo che se chiedessi a chiunque di voi di ETV o a voi amici scrittori e lettori del WALL. E sopratutto a te amico Dominik: Cosa mancava a Giuseppe perché potesse giudicare questo show perfetto. tutti voi subbito rispondereste! Mancava Yoko. Di certo mi mancavano Yoko e Nancy e secondo Giuseppe ETV show's dovrebbe essere tuttoYoko e Nancy. O volendo eventualmente cambiare potrebbero essere anche Nancy e Yoko. Naturalmente con angelina che dirige il tutto. Naturalmente volevo solo ironicamente scherzare. Yoko è stata su due dei 3 show di questa settimana e questo è stato già un grande regalo. Questa sera era lo show di Audrey, Isadora e Samanta e sono state perfette podrone di casa. Cosi complimenti a Audrey, Isadora e Samantha e a ETV. Un caro abbraccio a tutti Giuseppe      

Andreas: When my "Shooting Star" first appeared on etv satellite two years ago she was a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty..... lady. Lately she has become a pretty, sexy, pretty, sexy..... lady. Such a comfort her presence. Always looking forward seeing Isadora. Andreas

Viewers during the show: 

Thank you Isadora, you are gorgeous! Darius
Original message: Grazie Isadora, sei splendida! Darius

Thanks Isa for the show dedicated to me Your breast is gorgeous Your big fan Max
Original message: Grazie Isa per lo spettacolo a me dedicato Il tuo seno è stupendo Il tuo grande fan Max

Girls, you are so fantastic! sooooo sweet the ladies this is the 3. super show in this series! Paulander

Woow! Samantha's exorcism was great!

Three sexy girls! Nice and sensual show...


Mario/ PaulSimon / Viewers/Giuseppe/dominik from austria

Friday, 15th Sep 2017


Mario: it is beautiful show and hot thank you ETVSHOW and girls. 

PaulSimon: Again a very successful show. Good scenes, quiet gentle regie and lots of eroticism.

Viewers  during the show: 

Very exciting show of Janeen and Samantha !! You are so beautiful and natural in your nudity !

This is really a great show, just go on like this. You are beautifull

WOW perfekt sensual erotic show, nice girls with a super performance! 

Sau-saugeile Show! Thank you very much, dear girls! CLASS 1AAAAAA. Greetings again send to you! Freed
Original message: Sau-saugeile Show ! Vielen, vielen Dank, liebe Mädels ! KLASSE 1AAAAAA. Geile Grüße nocheinmal sendet an euch ! Freed

Today super show thanks!

Dear yoko you looks delightful today ! I hug you, Dominik from Austria 

Super show! Billye

Super show series....

Lovely :) Thank you so much girls. Albert wall

Dear yoko thank you so much for this tender show! it is good that there is you!!you are something special for me! i wish you for later sweet dreams and a wonderful evening!! see you soon love greetings! Dominik from Austria

Beautiful show and hot from the beginning thank you girls and ETV for this show

Giuseppe: Sorry for the delay An extraordinary show. An amazing Yoko and three amazing models what else to say. I can say a special thank you to Janeen for the nice words she said about me. I write my messages not so much because my beloved Yoko does something for me but more so with the hope that my words will come to her heart in order to draw a sweet smile on her face, if my words also come to the heart of another model, the emotion is double. Seeing Yaneen's dreamy eyes while Yoko reading my massage is something really beautiful. Thanks again janeen. And what about my sweet Yoko. Always beautiful, kind and extraordinary. Giuseppe

Original post: Ancora uno straordinario show. Una straordinaria Yoko e tre straordinarie modelle cosa dire di altro. Posso dire un grazie particolare a Janeen per le belle parole che ha detto su di me. Io scrivo i miei messaggi non tanto perché la mia adorata Yoko faccia qualcosa per me ma più che altro con la speranza che le mie parole arrivano al suo cuore per poterle disegnare un dolce sorriso sul suo volto, se poi le mie parole arrivano anche al cuore di un'altra modella , l'emozione è doppia. Vedere gli occhi sognanti di Janeen intanto che Yoko legge il mio massaggio è qualcosa di realmente bello. Grazie ancora janeen. E cosa dire della mia dolce Yoko. Sempre bella, gentile e straordinaria. Giuseppe

dominik from austria: good morning etv team ,dear angelina,dear eli,i want to say thank you to the girls for this great show,especially the sweet yoko! if yoko speak and smile,than i am so happy,her moves so erotic and sexy,all girls have fun,janeen are always funny and gentle,the evening was perfect,i hope the wish shows with one model come again,i pay dear for the message,love greetings also to my dear friend giuseppe,i hope he is fine!! i wish you all a nice weekend your dominik from austria

Big bang

Albert wall

Friday, 15th Sep 2017


albert wall: Last big bang in video section is a great show with a superb, wonderful, sensual, stunnning, amazingly smuling angelina. Do not miss it. albert wall



Thursday, 14th Sep 2017


Anonymous: Any progress on a solution for those of us who watched all of the clips including duplicates please? Others who were less supportive are already enjoying these Model videos again and again, and those of us who were loyal, are feeling left behind. I suggest that you message those of us who are eligible for FREE access to the Labyrinth videos, tell us to purchase them in the Video Hall and the next day you will refund the credits, this seems an easy and fair solution. Anonymous3

ETV: Yes there is progress. All the viewers who have seen all the 225 videos of the Labyrinth are assigned as already payed for the models' compilations videos from this week and can see them for free. The assign process is manual and can takes a couple of days. If the viewer has already payed for the compilation we will take care to resume the credits manually. 

TazMan: Hi ETV, this is excellent customer service, it encourages early adoption of new ideas and rewards those who try out new concepts. I am sure those who watched all 225 clips will be pleased. TazMan



Thursday, 14th Sep 2017


PaulSimon: An absolutely fantastic show! Full eroticism and very beautiful scenes. Very many beautiful views to the hotspot. So I imagine that for all shows. A little more daring from the regie. At the beautiful women we will see super shows.

Labyrinth Lisa


Thursday, 14th Sep 2017


KlausNi: It is not always a question of personal taste ! If you look in Lisa´s face, in her eyes, man begin to dream the sweetest dreams. If you have a look at her body presented in the way of photographer David Bailey you can enjoy only, if you realize how she is presenting her perfect body it will take your breath. For sure and not depending on personal taste. Regards KlausNi

Isadora, Gionna, Yoko

dominik from austria/Giuseppe/PaulSimon

Tuesday, 12th Sep 2017


dominik from austria: dear etv team,dear angelina,dear eli thank you for this great evening with the charming yoko,i am so happy,because i see her smile,the show was very erotic and also funny!! i have one wish,please show all messages which i write the sweet yoko,please thanks have a good night love greetings dominik from austria

Giuseppe: Since when at the end of April you have closed the extraordinary WISH SHOW every week I wanted to write to ETV to repeat or create something like that. For my taste is the most complete show. The show that most represents the spirit of ETV. The show that most interprets ETV's story. So I was sure I did not have to disturb your work. Sooner or later my wish would be realized and so patiently I waited for that moment. And this time the right time came in the best of ways with my beloved Yoko SUPERSTAR and with two equally extraordinary colleagues. And if there is something different from the old WISH SHOW is something that has improved it; we in addition to desire can also ask for something of their life and the models have all the time to respond and say what they feel to say and to make everything outstanding the show was highly erotic and sensual and already on the first evening ETV and the loving models gave us 32 ninuti of extra show so as best chance to say with great satisfaction: Thanks ETV, thanks Isadora, Gionna and of course also Angelina. And thanks to you, my divine blond angel, who again resumed filling my heart with hugs, beautiful words and bright smiles. I just hope it's not a one-week show but a show that can always stay with us. Hi Dominik. Giuseppe

Original post: Da quando a fine aprile avete chiuso lo straordinario WISH SHOW ogni settimana avrei voluto scrivere a ETV per ripetere o creare qualcosa di simile. Per i miei gusti è lo show più completo. Lo show che più rappresenta lo spirito di ETV. Lo show che più interpreta la storia di ETV . Cosi ero sicuro che non dovevo disturbare il vostro lavoro. Prima o poi il mio desiderio sarebbe stato realizato e cosi pazientamente ho aspettato queso momento . E questa sera il momento giusto e arrivato nel migliore dei modi con la mia adorata Yoko SUPERSTAR e con due colleghe altrettanto straordinarie. E se c'è qualcosa di diverso dal vecchio WISH SHOW è qualcosa che lo ha migliorato; noi oltre al desiderio possiamo chiedere anche qualcosa anche della loro vita e le modelle hanno tutto il tempo per rispondere e dire quello che si sentono di dire e per rendere tutto eccezionale lo show è stato altamente erotico e sensuale e già alla prima sera ETV e le volenterose modelle ci hanno regalato 32 ninuti di extra show cosi quale migliore ocasione di poter dire con grande soddisfazione : Grazie ETV, grazie Isadora , Gionna e di certo anche Angelina. E grazie a te mio divino angelo biondo che ai ripreso ancora a riempire il mio cuore di abbracci, belle parole e luminosi sorrisi. Spero soltanto che non sia lo show di una sola settimana ma lo show che possa rimanere sempre con noi. Ciao Dominik. Giuseppe

PaulSimon: An absolutely fantastic show! Full eroticism and very beautiful scenes. Very many beautiful views to the hotspot. So I imagine that for all shows. A little more daring from the regie. At the beautiful women we will see super shows.

TazMan: Hi ETV, Others have posted about the show on Tuesday, but I wanted to compliment you on the amazing video stream quality. I am sure you have been working hard on this and so wanted to let you know your efforts are noticed and appreciated. I saw the Monday afternoon free Test show (It is our secret what everyone missed, lol) and wondered what you were testing. The secret was revealed on Tuesday, obsoletely stunning video quality. This made a massive difference, well done, it looked like a HD show, thank you.