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3 credit/s

Live Stage ETV Show

Jasmine | 20:00 - 21:00 | 3 crs

It's the second day of our one-hour shows marathon that will look at various shades of joy. In each of these shows, one of our models - a different on each time - will spend six short scenes being happy. So happy, in fact, that she will decide to undress for no particular reason.

The models will be themselves, except we will ask them to play around with a few random, innocuous everyday objects we will hand them. What to do with those exactly will be up to the girls. What would they do, for example, with a signpost that somehow found its way into the studio? Use it as a pole? Hang their clothes from it? The only thing we ask of them is that they find something
fun to do with it.

The show is going to to use a few playthings that have proven successful and inspiring in previous shows - our yoga swing and the illuminated table for example. The show will not simply repeat these past performances, however. We don't want the girls to worry about how well they recreate some old experience. We only want them to be happy and inventive.