Angelina, Taylor, Isadora: Influence


Monday, 23rd Jan 2017


KlausNi: Hi all, Angelina: what a beautifull women. No more comments necessary from me. Kind regards KlausNi

WISH SHOW live Nancy & Laura show

Alain/dominik from austria/Giuseppe

Monday, 23rd Jan 2017


Alain: a show filled with fires of tenderness, splinters of beauty in their pleasures, a superb women's show for viewers eager of their eyes in love. A wonderful addition to ETV's talented erotic shows. Congratulations to the skilled cameras, congratulations to the driver who helped our polyglot ladies. All the spectators have written wishes that our darlings have interpreted their way to satisfy their outgoing temperaments. Then +++ 3 kisses and see you soon.

dominik from austria: dear etv one i have forgotten!!! Nancy makes top Shows also!!! yesterday the Show with Laura was very sensual and erotic.thank you Nancy love greetings dominik from austria

Giuseppe: NANCY is always NANCY. Great, immense, WONDERFUL, Divine creature. And above all: MY BELOVED. Always and forever. I think do not need to say anything else. Except that LAURA was a good companion. I can not dwell peche is one in the morning and between 3 hours and 30 I have to leave. But first I want to anticipate two things: THANK ETV. I saw something on WISH SHOW program for this I have to thank you 1000 times. For those who know me well you can guess what I saw ... .. And then THANK ALAIN. I will write to you tomorrow. Giuseppe

Original post: NANCY è sempre NANCY. Grande, immensa, MERAVIGLIOSA, Divina creatura. E sopra tutto: MIA ADORATA. Da sempre, e per sempre. Credo non serve dire niente altro. Se non che LAURA è stata una buona compagna. Non posso dilungarmi peche è l'una di notte e fra 3 ore e 30 devo partire. Ma prima voglio anticipare 2 cose: GRAZIE ETV. Ho visto qualcosa sul programma WISH SHOW che per questo vi devo ringraziare 1000 volte. Per chi mi conosce bene potrebbe indovinare che cosa è ho visto ….. E poi G R A Z I E ALAIN. Scriverò anche a te domani. Giuseppe. 


Young and Curious

Enrique from Spain

Monday, 23rd Jan 2017


Enrique from Spain: Seeing Isadora and Yoko together on the bed, made me think of so many young couples, I have seen on the beaches in the south of Spain. They love each other so gentle and so natural, that it surely makes you think of Heaven. To me That show tops my intire list of shows!! Light and white in the foreground and black in the background. Nothing to destirb, what is happening on the bed. And at the same time: Two of the most beautiful girls ever. Thank you for that show. Enrique from Spain.

WISH SHOW Mikeila - Nancy

Sunday, 22nd Jan 2017




Alain: this show was erotic and funny ! Nancy was sweet. a lot of tenderness. Mikeila was magic. Giuseppe had a message full of emotion. This snapshot is for him, because I feel the human kind needs such an example for respect in relationship between men & women. His music choice of Sting sing sounds again in my ears, when i write these words. thanks


Sunday, 22nd Jan 2017


Boldi: Compliment Rihanna, your last Show in the Hall is very sexy and a very nice Erotic 1+. 

Show 19Dez. This Show is unbelievable hot and have a nice Bondage part, Boldi

wish show Taylor

Enrique from Spain/WK/Lorenzo/Georgmath/Alain...

Sunday, 22nd Jan 2017


Enrique from Spain: Why do you spectators always want to se pyssys and doggy styles all the time. Look at the girs faces, their smiles when they are having fun. The glims in their eys, when you caress their boddys with your eys. Why do you want them to feel ashamed and ugly, when you always want to se them from behind or from down below! Look at their beautiful boddys, their rounded breasts and the way they move on the floor, the sofa or anywhere else in the world. These girls are goddeses not pornostars. Enrique from Spain.

WK: for Enrique from Spain: Why do you assume that girls feel ugly or ashamed because they are asked to show from behind or below? The girls look great in all ways, but the ways you describe are usually covered so you could argue that they should also be uncovered more. Everyone that watches the shows and likes the girls have different tastes and that's OK. we are all different, You are no more entitled to complain about someone wanting to see a girls pussy, than someone is to complain when you ask to see her face. If the shows were all about seeing a girls face, it would lose many customers. These shows are about seeing a girls wonderful body in ways that are not normally possible and that's why we pay. I suggest that if you are happy to see a girls face, you should go out in public, you will have a great time :) WK

Lorenzo: I refer to what is written by WK, in response to the writing of Enrique from Spain, he is one of those allergic to the sight of pussy and doggy style. He and others may have their own tastes, but I'm sure that at least 80% the viewers want to see more HIT shows. (Just see the requests during the wish shows). I have always been favorable to the fact that ETV, offer to the viewers, the two types of shows, soft and hot, in that way everyone is satisfied. The approval ratings will show to ETV, which is the kind of shows to be offered more often. Sincerely LORENZO

Original text: Faccio riferimento a quanto scritto da WK , in risposta allo scritto di Enrique from Spain , questo Signore è uno di quelli allergici alla vista di pussy e doggy style , lui e altri possono avere i loro gusti , ma sono sicuro che almeno l'80 % degli spettatori desidera vedere shows piu' HOT . ( è sufficiente vedere le richieste durante gli spettacoli ). Io sono stato sempre favorevole al fatto che ETV , offra agli spettatori , due tipi di shows , uno soft e uno hot , in tale modo tutti sono accontentati . Saranno gli indici di gradimento a dire ad ETV , quale sia il genere da proporre con piu' frequenza . Cordiali Saluti LORENZO

Georgmath: I totally agree with Enrique. He exactly noticed the reasons, why ETV lost so many beautiful models. Georgmath

Alain: In spain islands (IBIZA, Menorca, Lanzarote, Gran canaries, la palma, Tenerife), complete nudity on selected beaches is tolerated. No control, children allowed. Generally, in Europe, beaches that have a nudist area are indicated. There is no control. There are women alone who come to have a full tan. Full body nudity is therefore a European value, with limits in the public domain. Unlike American practice = all children under 5 years have a diaper on the beaches. Secondly, in Norway and Sweden, after a business day, I was invited to the sauna. The men on one side, the women on the other. In my team there was a woman who just mentioned that she could not do it in our office because the mentalities are not used to it. Most women like to provoke men in a teasing game with their underwear. So let's play in the way that they want to accept and let's them take a real pleasure. The models need to be multilingual, to read the written messages. The SMS has multiplied, because the cost of conventional intra-European communications has exploded. I therefore consider that the causes of departures from certain models are a mixture of several other causes. On the contrary, the Izabella's come back of (1 year later) was favored by the improved creative freedom of ETV shows.

Stephan: Regarding the recent discussion I would like to say two things in general: :D 1. Don't worry. I do not think, that anyone of us members assesses anyone of our ETV models as a p*rn star. We all are Gentlemen, who have different tastes, and they all are Ladies, who have their own charms and erotic styles. The point is, that we are here on a website, which offers adult content being sophisticated eroticism. So it's intended and awaited, that more of the Ladies is shown, than their faces, only. :D 2. I'm sorry, if this sounds a bit indifferent. But it's one of the basics of erotic business, that models come, and models go. For example I miss the twins, Dacota and Kelly, very much on the one hand. On the other hand I'm very happy to have the new models Samantha, Yoko and others with us. I guess, that the reasons, why former models left ETV, are as different as the reasons, why they once joined ETV. :D Greetings Stephan

mutombo: super show from Taylor...great! mutombo

albert wall: wow magic taylor in wish show magic angelina stunning love it albert wall

Samantha's Wish Show


Saturday, 21st Jan 2017


Stephan: Congratulations, Samantha! Once again you performed a fireworks of sexy performances. One highlight of them was to my opnion the master-and-slave-game together with a viewer and Angelina, who once again moderated the show in a very loveable way. So, good vibrations everywhere. Go on. - Greetings Stephan

Alain: the duo Angelina Samantha had already worked very naughty and this show took advantage of the experience "Angélina Mikeila" of the previous show. The perfect work of the cameras, the soft music, the game's accessories all present, everything was done to highlight the Samantha's beauty so harmonious . Super show! Congratulations. Thank you for offering us this pleasure so erotic and so hot! Note that this is the last time I cool my screen with my natural flow of white candle wax ... because it's too hard to clean. see you soon.

 Leo: Yes, great show and Samantha is one of my favorite in this age post-Lauren, I want to see her more and more. I just missed she letting her hair down, next time...

Yoko Nicki


Saturday, 21st Jan 2017


Alain: the viewers who miss the snow trees (Nickie /Yoko) will wait until the wish show record be on the VIDEO HALL! Within the fever of the direct broadcast, Yoko & Nickie got a lot of fun and pleasure ! Nickie laughed very loudly in microphone with the Tickling of her breasts . Yoko fought an orange that did not want its skin to be removed . bye bye sweet girls! see you soon in new hugs. kisses.Regards.

Angelina, Taylor and beautiful Isadora

dominik from austria/Gilles

Friday, 20th Jan 2017


dominik from austria: dear angelina,taylor and beautiful isadora! top Show,fantastic! Music great! the best idilium Show what i saw! isadora you an angel! love greetings dominik from austria

Gilles: Deal ETV, trank you for the nice show, for me a bit to much Angelina and Taylor and not enough Isadora, I hope to see her again soon in your program. Regards, Gilles



Friday, 20th Jan 2017


Boldi: I think pre recorded shows are better, in this shows the Girls can do one show with a theme, in Wish Shows we have every time the same Wishes and i think it is boring for your Girls, the possibilities are limited in Wish Shows, Boldi

plan for the shows

dominik from austria

Friday, 20th Jan 2017


dominik from austria: good morning etv can you please give the plan for the Shows and Videos next week.and thanks for the wish Shows this week .the snow Show with nicki and yoko was very funny .good idea. thanks love greetings dominik from austria

Yoko Nicki


Thursday, 19th Jan 2017


Boldi: Few words only, super top hot erotic show for Yoko and Nicki, perfect and beautiful, Boldi special thanks on Yoko, 1++

wish show roshana

MAXX/Anonimus/Albert wall/Federico/Anonimus2/Stefan/Anonimus3

Thursday, 19th Jan 2017


MAXX: beautiful sensual elegant..... ladies and gentleman this is roshana....seeing her makes me feel good....a kiss and hug for her MAXX

Albert wall: Amazing Roshana wish show. Wow. Albert wall

Anonimus:  roshana shows class and style. Like always she is charming and friendly. She is also funny. This time her show matches the idilium requirements. The viewers can not complain. Why not go on like this in other shows. I would also like to see more of the "date" series with Jasmin. The "date" videos are very erotic. There is no reason to stop booking roshana.

Federico: Beautiful and erotic Roshana. beautiful show erotic hot. We hope to see Roshana as soon as possible. Roshana a great erotic model would be nice to see her in an erotic show with Jasmine. Greetings Federico

Anonimus2: Salve lo spettacolo di roshana wishshow e' a dir poco stupendo roshi deve tornare al piu presto e' il giusto mix tra bellezza sensualita ed eleganza e mai volgare...roshi e' la vera stella di etv senza di lei c'e' il vuoto...e' come la Serie A senza la Juve o la Bundesliga senza Bayern....

Stefan: Danke etv für dieses video ich mag Roshana sehr und die art wie sie shows macht:) sie ist eine bezaubernd witzige und wunderschöne frau und vermisse ihr lachen und ihre gute laune die sie immer hatte für uns zuschauer ob wie früher I'm tv und jetzt I'm internet :) und hoffe das sie wieder shows macht sie ist eine wundervolle Frau :) Stefan :))

Anonimus3: Congratulation to all the staff of ETV. Wonderful show and wonderful Roshana. We hope to see Roshi more often. Thanks. Good bye.



Thursday, 19th Jan 2017


Alain: This humorist recipe is a sweet cream. it describes also 'how to manufacture it for an erotic show". This is a cream with eggs for a witch.The chicken coop is afraid. First use the mixer as if it were a white razor. the recipe is an after-shave Cream. the video also explains others usages of the razor. interesting show! This will improve our erotic education. Creamy kiss with humor for Yoko.

WISH SHOW Taylor in the Hall


Thursday, 19th Jan 2017


Boldi: very nice erotic show, ETV for long long time show a short real Doggy Show (not a fake doggy show), perfekt show, thanks, Boldi

Anonimous: May be Taylor is not my favorite girl from an aesthetic point of view ( too many tattos for istance ), but is may be the sexiest of her generation, every and each show by Taylor is sexy and worth seeing ( and buying ...). In a wish show something will not be of our taste ( for istance I hate the request of drawing on pussy ) but is the same for each kind of show , and yes, we are here to see ass and pussy not drama and tragedies...